2nd Generation Partnership: Liverpool Housing Trust

Liverpool Housing Trust has engaged in a project of supply chain and process development with its’ heating installation and maintenance partners over the last 3 years.

The project goes beyond traditional partnering approaches of open-book accounting and relationship management. In fact, it takes advantage of many of the softer issues that partnering supports to make both supply chain and internal partner processes transparent.

The exercise has involved business-process analysis of their SME partners in an effort to identify efficiency and business-process savings.

The key focus of the exercise was to allow a third party consultant to undertake an analysis of the businesses and identify where savings and improvements could be made.

In addition, LHT looked at its’ joint processes with the supply chain and at improving quality through better processes and training and support for its’ supply chain.

Key demonstrator practices are: –

  • Support and consultancy to enable focused development of the supply chain
  • Generating real cost and quality savings for the client and supply chain
  • Improved shared processes to deliver better quality and improved installation and lifecycle costs

Training and support for the supply chain around key quality issues

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