Edward Rule BSc (Hons), MSc*, Dip HE


Eddie Rule (1) PB 18.06.2014

Communication Manager and Policy Adviser 

Edward (Eddie) joined Constructing Equality Ltd in February 2014 to lend his knowledge, experience and expertise in negotiating within political arenas to developing our communications and policy strategies.

Eddie has previously studied Geology and Petroleum Geology at the University of Aberdeen, where he won the BP prize for excellence in Geology.

Following his time in Aberdeen he completed an undergraduate degree in Archaeology at the University of Liverpool as well as a Master’s degree in Archaeology, also at the University of Liverpool, and for which he received a distinction.

Eddie currently divides his time between his role with Constructing Equality Ltd and his work on his PhD in Archaeology where he is looking at the social and cultural structures in Western Central Britain during the later prehistoric period.
Eddie has worked as a site supervisor on archaeological excavations since 2012.

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