Anwyl Construction Apprentice Case Study

Anwyl Construction Apprentice Case Study – Matthew has never let dyslexia hold him back from success

Matthew Allport - Anwyl Construction Case Study (1) CG 20.2.15Mathew Allport began his career on placement with Anwyl Construction as an apprentice Joiner at just 16 years old. Upon completion of the three year apprenticeship, Matthew was offered a full time Joinery position at Anwyl largely due to his positive work ethic and good workmanship.

Since joining Anwyl Construction in 2006 Matthew has excelled completing a number of training courses to further his knowledge and understanding of Joinery.

Matthew approached Anwyl in 2008 after deciding he wanted to continue at Llandrillo College to complete an Advanced Joinery Course. Despite being challenged with dyslexia, Matthew never let this become a barrier to his learning.

Due to Matthews’s ongoing commitment and hard work, Anwyl offered to support him though the twelve month course, which then progressed onto a three year Assistant Site Managers course solely funded by Anwyl. This funding however was on the basis that Matthew not only passed, but achieved an overall merit every year as an incentive for him to continue to achieve greatness.

Matthew said: ‘’Getting to this stage in my career hasn’t been the easiest ride for me; I am dyslexic. Like for many others completing exams, creating assignments and devising presentations has always been more of a challenge. However, despite this barrier, the support and understanding of class peers, tutors and work colleagues has enabled me to make notable strides in my career.

Matthew completed the course with an overall Merit of achievement in 2012, however he chose not to stop there, Matthew decided he wanted to gain a degree in Construction Science Undergraduate Degree to enhance and further his knowledge and experience in the industry, with the intention of one day becoming a Site Manager. Anwyl again chose to support and fully fund Matthew through his degree, astounded by his eagerness to learn and develop.

Matthew has now graduated with a 2:2 qualification in Construction Science Undergraduate Degree and is working full time as an Assistant Site Manager, Matthew however continues to show his dedication to Anwyl and eagerness to learn, whereby he plans to undertake a Masters Degree in Construction. Anwyl hopes to promote and progress Matthew to Senior Site Manager within the next two years.

Matthew said: ‘’As they say you never stop learning and I’m sure I never will; within my new role of Assistant Site Manager I predict new challenges lie ahead. In spite of this, I look forward to gaining new knowledge and continuing to achieve’’.

Over the years Matthew has gained a wealth of skills and experience working with Anwyl Construction on projects as large as £8,000,000.00.

Matthew also managed his own site at Marian Mawr in Dolgellau for Grwp Llandrillo Menai, the College in which he completed 9 years of studies. Matthew was responsible for fifteen on site operatives over the course of nine months. As a project for Grwp Llandrillo Menai and to thank them for his success, Matthew organised several site visits for Level 1, 2 and 3 students enabling them to experience first-hand activity on site, that of which he received with Anwyl.

Matthew is a well-respected CITB Construction Ambassador, this role has meant Matthew has motivated young people through attendances at schools, colleges and youth clubs. His positive work ethic, enthusiasm and determination are exemplary, and key factors in encouraging the next generation into construction.

Matthews’s story is truly inspiring, having worked his way up to his position of Assistant Site Manager from an apprentice.

Matthew said: ‘’I share my positive experiences with young people from across the UK who are considering perusing a career in construction. This allows me to contribute back into the industry that has supported me so well over the last 8 years’’.

In 2014 Matthew won the award for National Construction Ambassador of the Year, showcasing all he has accomplished over the years. Matthew is an extremely positive role model to not only young adults wishing to achieve within the industry but more importantly to the local community.


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