Our Approach

Our approach to Construction

Passionate about the sector

CE_Icons_ConsIndustryBeing from the industry we know its strengths and challenges and we are committed to the goal of improving construction at strategic, tactical and operational levels. We believe that with the right support and solutions the construction industry is able to lead on the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda in the UK.

Leading the sector

To this end we have set ourselves up to lead the way. We do this through ensuring we are represented on boards (including the industry’s Leadership Group for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect and the Construction 2025 image sub-group), through promoting the agenda and the achievements of our clients in the press (writing articles for Construction News, Building and Construction Manager amongst others) and through academic research designed to keep the industry and our clients at the forefront of equality developments.

Supporting the sector

We see our place as supporting your business, and the wider industry. Understanding the construction industry means that we want to help it succeed, and are dedicated to working with companies committed to playing their part. While we are firstly a business, we also support growth and we aim to provide free eLearning for those businesses employing less than 50 people (including labour-only sub-contractors) who wish to undertake Be Fair accreditation. We also use our newsletter to highlight industry best practice and showcase clients’ achievements. In this capacity we promote the work undertaken at the cutting edge by our key clients that demonstrates they are ‘employers of choice’ for talented people starting and continuing their careers in construction.

Our approach to Equality

At the cutting edge

CE_Icons_ResearchOur approach differs from the norm in that we understand that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues are addressed most successfully when equality is seen as beneficial to everybody. We use the principles of Organisational Justice and Human Capital in our solutions and are currently leading academic research into applying this model to organisations both within the construction industry through our clients and elsewhere.

Combined knowledge

Our background in the construction industry makes us a unique business for our understanding of the specific challenges faced by the sector. This is why we always consider the wider picture for clients we work with. We know that there are many factors that can impact on the level of equality in a company, and will look to drive lasting change through helping organisations to address these holistically.

Making it work

We know that the business benefits of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are critical from a clients’ perspective. Initiatives that are badly thought out can cause damage to company profits, workforce retention or organisation morale. However, research and experience has shown that when a company implements good quality, well thought through Equality, Diversity and Inclusion work, then the opposite is true – increased productivity, and profitability, as well as improved loyalty and commitment can result. We work hard to ensure the solutions we offer and the products we create fall into the ‘good quality’ and ‘well thought out’ category.

Our Approach to the Be Fair Framework

CITB BE Fair FrameworkAs construction industry-specific equality and diversity experts we are committed to creating a fairer construction industry by building a sector with greater motivation, talent, security, and profit margins, through fairness, inclusion and respect.

We created a new approach to equality that has influenced the Be Fair Framework so we understand the product and the assessment process from the inside out. We use industry assessors who understand the strengths and limitations of different companies in construction and we understand, recognise and share what good practice is, from the things you “just do” to the simply original.

We also offer complementary services and products alongside Be Fair Assessment from eLearning and Tool Box Talks to a support line and in-house industry guidance making us your one-stop-shop for Be Fair and fairness, inclusion and respect.

Our Approach to eLearning

Keeping Pace

onlinetrainingOur eLearning packages are always moving forwards, keeping pace with advances in the technology used to create them and any changes to the content as needs arise. How a course looks this year will be different to how it appears next year as we operate a system of constant review. Our dedicated eLearning manager, Matt Crouch, is constantly looking for ways to improve our clients’ and learners’ experiences and their scope for interactivity through the use of games and activities appropriate to the content.


We keep up to date to ensure that our eLearning is accessible to as many clients and learners as possible, through as many media as possible. Desk-top and laptop computers can be used to access our content and so too can tablets and smartphones, including those running iOS. We ensure that all presentations are fully compatible with the most current SCORM version and accessible by any learning management system currently available.

Tailored for you

Since our eLearning is flexible we can tailor it to clients’ requirements compiling specific areas of content to suit your needs. The presentations can be adapted to comply with client branding guidelines fitting them within your training suites and plans with corporate videos, documents, policies etc. integrated as required.


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