Best practice for supporting women in construction roles

ISG approached Constructing Equality Ltd to develop a two-day course to support female managers in develCase Study Threeoping an understanding of how they are perceived by, and relate to, others in the workplace. The programme was designed to look at how they could strengthen their positions and increase their effectiveness as managers, as well as become future leaders in the business.

Initially ISG felt that its female managers were robust enough and comfortable in their positions so was unsure as to how the course would be received. However they were inundated with positive feedback from course attendees and a number of women across the business have since expressed their interest in attending any future courses.

Aims –

To develop an understanding of workplace perception within female managers.

To increase confidence and effectiveness within female managers to aspire to be future leaders in business.

To help individuals recognise and overcome potential barriers so that they can develop and excel as leaders.

Approach –     

Designed specifically to meet the demands of life in construction as a woman, the course covered the essentials of leadership, progression and communication using examples, systems and experiences that enabled participants to apply their understanding to their own personal roles and achieve their ambitions.

Outcome –

ISG acknowledged that helping female managers to understand more about how they relate to their workplace and how their workplace relates to them would increase effectiveness in their roles and their commitment to the organisation; improving motivation, morale and, ultimately, productivity. They also recognised that there was a very strong need and desire for this type of training when they saw the strength of the feedback, as well as the take-up.

Testimonial –

The women who attended the two-day programme were unanimous in their resoundingly positive response to the course and the empowerment they felt following their experiences:

“I think this course was excellent, it really opened my eyes to opportunities as well as potential obstacles. It should be given a wider roll out”

“Made me reflect on my current position and think about my future and how I can get there through behavioural changes and confidence building”

“The whole course was very informative, lots to take away and digest”

“I now understand that my actions may not necessarily be perceived in the way I intend, but I now I have the tools to remedy this”

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