“Im ace at my job but I can’t seem to move up”. What are career developments skills.

When I talk to people about development skills a few questions inevitably arise, such as “what are they?” and “Why do they matter?” I’m going to attempt to answer these questions and a few more in this post. We define development skills as the skill set required to progress and be

We define development skills as the skill set required to progress and be recognised within your career. Though your ability to do your job is obviously part of this, there is a set of skills that are common to nearly every role. The absence or presence of these skills has a real bearing on just how far you will go within an organisation.


So let’s start by looking at what development skills actually are,


  1. Important.

    Development skills do not get the attention they deserve. We focus on teaching people how to do the job, not how to ensure they are valued for the work they do. This matters as some groups of people (particularly those from upper-middle-class backgrounds) are more likely to be exposed to these skills through family and experience, than others. This can see people who are not aware of these skills, working hard without being rewarded, leading to organisations that often miss out on employing or promoting the best people for the job.


  1. Skills.

    Development skills are just that, skills. They are things that can be learnt, practised and improved. I believe that we have considered these things as a personality type for too long, leaving people afraid to consider the impact and value they could have on progression and development. By seeing them for what they are, skills, we can start to take better control of our careers.


  1. Learnt.

    Most everything we know and do is learnt behaviour. Some of this comes from society, some from our parent’s, others from school and employment. So it stands to reason that if we can learn it, we can relearn it. For example, It might feel that your lack of confidence in your salary review is just part of who you are, but it’s much more likely that it’s a response to not having had your ideas listened to or being felt valued. Although it certainly won’t always be easy, it is defiantly possible to address and change these behaviours to enable you to take control of your career.


  1. Achievable.

    Some developments skills are difficult to master while others are ridiculously achievable. One of our delegates saw an immediate change in the way they were viewed by their colleagues when they simply stopped criticising their own work before others had a chance to form an opinion on it. Like many things, it is not one big change that will make a difference but a series of smaller changes geared towards a similar aim. That’s why we have created a process that helps you to understand the areas you need to develop and be really clear about how well you are developing them.



Our vision for Constructing Careers is to ensure that organisations get the best person for the job by giving people the skills they need to ensure their value is recognised. Our weekly blogs, newsletters, workshops and supporting applications are all designed to do that. So whatever your position or ambition get in touch to find out how we can help you.

We have been running career progression courses in-house for large organisations such as ISG, Vinci and Sisk for over ten years. These course have received exemplary feedback with over 80% of delegates going on to promotion within 12 months and 100% of delegates finding the course met or exceeded expectaions.


For the first time we have just made our one day, two day and weekend spa courses available for public booking in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.

What they say –

“Chrissi delivers great workshops that provide a very good insight and essential awareness to career progression. She delivers the course in an engaging manner and enables participants to set achievable goals that can set them on to a good start on career progression straight away.”

Denitza Moreau. Senior Design Manager at Skanska

Construction industry sees Social Value from engaging with underrepresented groups



This August, Constructing Equality Ltd visited Liverpool Pride with a range of construction organisations to build links with, and show support for, the LGBT community, as well as build a better understanding of LGBT issues within the construction industry. By measuring the Social Value of this event, they discovered that the companies attending made a return of £8 for every £1 spent, demonstrating one of the solid business reasons for addressing diversity.

The group’s offered an interactive construction stall in the family area for CITB, Morgan Sindall, ISG, Space Architects and Aecom who saw it as an opportunity to show support for the local LGBT community, promote their companies and draw interest in apprenticeship, job and placement opportunities.

Activities and fun interactions like the Giant Tetrahedron (courtesy of CITB) and Ivor Goodsite (arranged by Morgan Sindall)

  • Drew visitors in for conversations about construction, their own plans and ambitions in construction
  • Enabled visitors to express their feelings and impressions of what construction means to them and help them receive the right support
  • Created an overall picture of what the LGBT and wider community think about construction
  • Promoted fairness, inclusion and respect and construction positively.

Chrissi McCarthy, Managing Director of Constructing Equality Ltd, said: “There was a really great response when we started to get the companies together for Liverpool Pride. It seemed like they all wanted to get involved, and represent the industry at events like this with resources set aside to make a splash on the day. Hopefully this will demonstrate to the LGBT community that construction has started to move on from the old fashioned image often portrayed.

“By using our tools for calculating the Social Value of events like this for those companies getting involved, and demonstrating some of the solid business case reasons for participating, we can encourage more of the industry to engage with the fairness, inclusion and respect agenda”

By supporting the 2014 Liverpool Pride Event the construction organisations generated an indicative Social Return on Investment (SROI) value of £8 for every pound invested and has been calculated based on informed assumptions of the investment together with clear assumptions and evidence-based values of the interactions and outcomes that the event produced.




Notes to Editor

Constructing Equality Ltd is the UK’

s leading provider of construction-specific equality and diversity assessment, training and consulting. – See more at: http://constructingequality.co.uk

Spokespeople available for comment as re

quired are:

Chrissi McCarthy – 07748 126 2

32 / chrissi@constructingequality.co.uk

Caroline Gee – 0151 706 8132 / caroline@constructingequality.co.uk


A booklet giving a full report on the event can be found by following this link http://constructingequality.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Pride-SROI-2014.pdf



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Constructing Equality Awarded First Be Fair License by CITB


Website Be Fair Framework Provider

Constructing Equality Ltd, construction industry equality specialists have become the first Assessment Provider licensed by CITB, the accrediting body and owner of the Be Fair Framework.

Constructing Equality Ltd is licensed to provide assessment and support services UK-wide to construction companies who take on accreditation under Be Fair at Accredited, Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. 

The CITB Be Fair Framework is a construction-specific, action plan and learning-based accreditation framework that recognises fair working conditions, employment practices and behaviours across the construction workplace for all.

It has been written by the industry for the industry, to change the industry; in a way that the industry believes will also change the way we look at equality.

Constructing Equality Ltd Managing Director, Chrissi McCarthy, said:

“We are tremendously proud to be the first Be Fair Licensed Provider for CITB; this is a tool we truly believe can make construction not just a fair workplace for everyone, but also a first choice workplace for everyone.  Being the first to receive our license is great for us, but it is also the start of helping our industry make real change, as well as become the leading industry on fairness for all”

Constructing Equality Ltd Be Fair Service Manager, Caroline Gee, said:

“It’s been a long journey – preparing to be a Be Fair Licensed Provider has been a lot of hard work.  The framework breaks down fairness for companies so that each company knows exactly what is needed, and we have to understand how we can guide, support and assess each very different company on their individual journey.  We believe we’ve cracked it, and CITB clearly do too – we really do have the best team.”

Companies taking on the CITB Be Fair Framework and wishing to use Constructing Equality Ltd as their licensed provider for assessment can sign up directly through Constructing Equality Ltd or can select them at the registration point with CITB.

For further information and details companies taking on Be Fair can contact Constructing Equality Ltd on 0151 706 8132 or via Patrick@constructingequality.co.uk


Construction Industry Shows Support at Liverpool Pride 2014

PrintRepresentatives of several major construction industry organisations will be showing their support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community by attending this year’s Liverpool Pride celebrations.

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) will be among the organisations attending the event, along with AECOM and ISG who are both involved in the current £40 million Liverpool Exhibition Centre project on the waterfront. Leading UK construction firm Morgan Sindall, and the cutting edge Space Architects will also be in attendance.

Liverpool-based company Constructing Equality Ltd – the UK’s leading experts on Equality & Diversity in the construction industry – was behind coordinating the efforts of all these organisations to be present, ensuring that construction will have a strong presence on the day.

Chrissi McCarthy, Managing Director of Constructing Equality Ltd, said: “There was a really great response when we started to get the companies together for Liverpool Pride. It seemed like they all wanted to get involved, and represent the industry at events like this, and had resources set aside to make a splash on the day. Hopefully this will demonstrate to the LGBT community that construction has started to move on from the old fashioned image often portrayed”

The construction industry is keen to shed its out-dated image as having a stereotypical, macho, ‘jobs-for-the-boys’, culture and to demonstrate that equality and diversity are very much the current way forward in their business practices. To add weight to this drive, the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has recently launched their Be Fair Framework, designed to provide guidance and accreditation for companies within the industry who wish to demonstrate their commitment to this agenda. Constructing Equality Ltd is the first company licensed as providers for assessing companies on this framework.

Kate Lloyd, CITB’s Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Manager, commented: “Be Fair was put together to highlight the importance of Fairness, Inclusion and Respect in construction. Its aim is to provide a straightforward route for organisations to take to address some of the issues that the industry, its employees and customers are currently facing.

“As an industry, we need to show that we embrace diversity – by attending events like Liverpool Pride, more people will get to see the range of careers available and hopefully consider coming to work in our exciting sector.”

Sam French, Strategic Inclusion and Community Manager, says: “Morgan Sindall is a UK construction, infrastructure and design business with a network of local offices and we’re passionate about supporting the communities around the UK in which we work. That’s why we’re proud to be present at Liverpool Pride. What’s more, we’re also really keen to promote construction as a career of choice, so I’d like to encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about the industry to talk to us.”

Those wishing to visit the construction industry representatives can find them in the family area at the Pier Head after 12pm where there will be construction based games and activities for the family to enjoy.