Inclusion Case Study; Supporting people and retaining talent

The path back to work Morgan Sindall invests time and other resources recruiting the best people to carry out the best job. However, circumstances out of people’s control can have an effect on this and as a responsible employer, we provide a responsive and flexible approach which then benefits everyone. Responsibility is one of our core values and we embed this into every part of our working life, whether this be our customers or our most valued resources – our employees. Unforeseen circumstances Andy Shields, senior quantity Surveyor in the Glasgow office joined the company in 2005 and since then has worked on projects including those for the Ministry of Defence. After an unprovoked attack in August 2010, Andy was left with a traumatic brain injury. The attack left Andy with damage to his frontal lobe which resulted in short term memory loss, fatigue and reduced concentration levels. ms1

The solution After months of therapy and specialist care from a brain injury unit, a clinical psychologist suggested Andy was ready to return to work on a phased basis. Internal discussions at Morgan Sindall had taken place to ensure that the role would be appropriate for his rehabilitation into the workplace. Morgan Sindall’s commercial director and the HR
department met with Andy and the clinical team to discuss his working environment and agreed a ‘return to work’ plan. Benefits and impact Andy’s confidence has markedly improved since his return to work and this is due to Andy’s drive and the support of colleagues who have assisted him. Sandy Dalziel, area commercial director, has provided valuable support and been a positive mentor for Andy. Andy is now working five hours per day, five days per week; this has increased from two hours per day, two days per week since his return in June 2011.

School Visits

Year 10 students from St. John Bosco Girls School in Liverpool took part in a construction activity day delivered by employees from CITB, Vinci and Wates Construction.  They tasted a carousel of 3 activities ranging from:-

  • Building a 4 metre high x 4 metre wide structure with just 60cm length dowels and elastic bands.
  • constructing shelters with minimal resources with the rationale following a natural disaster and the importance of disaster engineering.  This also included testing the water tightness of each shelter with a bucket of water at the end of the session, much to the delight of 2 willing students from each team, inside their shelter.
  • Building a bungalow to plan using real terracotta mini bricks


The role of each construction ambassador was seen as a key requirement of the day, as they were able to relate their activity to the students within the context of construction and also talk about their own profession in an informal and friendly environment.


Wates have an on-going collaboration with the school as part of their Business in the Community commitment.  Vinci Construction have just started to construct the new £22m

St. John Bosco School.

As an under-represented group in the sector, the day helped to raise awareness to young females about the diverse range of work and career pathways.


17 Construction Ambassadors from CITB, Vinci and Wates Construction delivered all of the sessions.


BE FaIR Framework – Vinci

In 2013 Constructing Equality Ltd. will commence running the pilot for CITB of the industry approved, accredited BE FaIR Framework, which coincidentally they also wrote for ConstructionSkills.

The Pilot will launch on the back of the Test Phase experiences of companies like Vinci.VINCI-Construction-UK-H

Vinci were committed to being part of the Test Phase from the outset – a forward thinking multi-national organisation they were keen to lead the industry in adopting an approved, accredited framework that would demonstrate their commitment to fairness in the workplace for everyone and provide the most effective, sustainable basis for addressing diversity and equality.

Vinci were already looking at the IID Framework and wanted to test something more specific to their needs that would also help them to address fairness within their supply chain.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics

Taylor Wimpey identified a business need within their workforce for improving the awareness of Respect in the Workplace.

By commissioning workshops from Constructing Equality Ltd. that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace with a look at relevant legislation they were able to offer staff and managers a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to learn.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics have a strong belief that people work most efficiently and effectively when they understand boundaries, work in a happy and positive environment and enjoy the company of the people they work with.

However, they identified that they needed to improve the awareness of Respect in their workplace. So, they commissioned workshops that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace, with reviews on current legislation.

Over two days, more than 45 staff and managers completed these tailored half-day workshops. It was a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to approach the subject, and the Managers developed action plans that they could implement immediately.