CITB Business Awareness Workshops Schedule




CITB Business Awareness Workshops provide free business advice from CITB, designed for new and growing construction companies.

If you are running a company for the first time, or are looking to improve the necessary skills to make it a success, CITB’s free workshops can help you with the business basics.

Within the UK a high percentage of new companies fail within the first two years. CITB have developed the Business Awareness Workshops to provide you with all the help, advice and guidance you need to survive and thrive, including how you can find out more about the CITB Be Fair Framework and fair working practices for your company.

Designed for today’s economic climate

The workshops are free to CITB registered companies. Delivered by their Company Development Advisors (CDAs), topics include:

  • The importance of understanding your market
  • The options for different types of business status
  • Key legislation affecting your business
  • CITB Levy, products & services
  • Taxation and National Insurance
  • Costs/pricing policies
  • Maintaining a healthy cash flow


Register your interest

To brush up on your business know-how, contact your CDA.

Current Schedule for Workshops


  • 24/09/14           Sunderland
  • 30/09/14          Brighouse
  • 30/09/14          Ellesmere Port


  • 07/10/14          St Albans
  • 07/10/14          Oldham
  • 15/10/14          Northampton
  • 15/10/14          Newark
  • 21/10/14          Brighouse
  • 21/10/14          Penrith
  • 21/10/14          Bristol
  • 23/10/14          Gloucester
  • 23/10/14          Lancaster
  • 29/10/14          Haydock


  • 05/11/14          Norwich
  • 12/11/14          Taunton
  • 12/11/14          Cambridge
  • 18/11/14          Shipton
  • 20/11/14          Newark
  • 24/11/14          Middlewich


  • 10/12/14          Enfield
  • 11/12/14          Bromley

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