Consultancy Services

We can focus our attention on any one aspect of your organisation, or a number of areas. If you do not see a service that closely matches your need, simply get in touch to discuss your situation.

Consultancy Services



Aside from helping you meet public procurement requirements, an external equality and diversity audit gives you an objective snapshot of your organisation. You will find out what is happening at every level, from the Board to the site. And you will gain a comprehensive report on the working environment you foster and any strongly-held views that exist.

We can carry out audits through online surveys, face-to-face meetings or focus groups – and will work with you to choose the best solution. The results often raise eyebrows, because minorities who are confident that their responses will be kept confidential speak more freely and give you a more accurate assessment of their experiences.



One-to-one coaching can help team members, managers and leaders develop a greater understanding of their roles and relationships at work. These sessions give individuals a chance to progress at their own pace and explore relevant topics more deeply.

Personal coaching also allows us to build the course around specific aims. Successful examples include targeting specific results, such as passing the Chartered Institute of Building Personal Development Plan; and tailoring towards particular audiences, for example women who want to progress in construction.


Dispute resolution

When one party accuses another of discrimination or unfair behaviour, people take sides. This creates tension across your organisation, as well as between the people directly involved.

Naturally, you do not want to encourage certain behaviours. But equally, you do not want to lose good people. Because we understand how these situations escalate, we can mediate between the different parties and look for a resolution.


Diversity strategy

A comprehensive diversity strategy gives you a route to success; a working model from which to test progress and assess performance. At Constructing Equality Ltd., we combine SMART methodology with our knowledge and expertise to develop strategies that are in step with our client’s work – that reflects their size, sector, staff and goals.

For example, if you wanted to welcome more female employees into your organisation, we know the average age of female apprentices is 26 and what media they consume. So, we can help you sell your opportunities and tweak your recruitment processes accordingly. Conversely, because we understand why women leave the profession early, we can help you retain them. And we have helped numerous clients attract and retain BMEs too.


Community and staff engagement

Engagement is a crucial element of any successful equality and diversity strategy. And not just between employer and employee. Good relations with the communities affected by your work will also enhance your ability to deliver.

We can help you improve the way your organisation engages with people, from the way you communicate and avenues you choose, to your processes, procedures and policies. We can also take on some of the actual engagement for you; using our knowledge and expertise to create strong, trusting relationships that help you reach your goals.


Exit interviews

Exit (or leaving) interviews give your outgoing employees the opportunity to describe their experiences and reveal their motivations for handing in their notice.

However, it is often difficult to get a ‘warts and all’ assessment as interviewees worry that forthright opinions may lead to bad references. By asking us to hold these interviews as an external party, you will get a far more accurate view of your firm – and information that can play a crucial role in improving diversity and equality practices.


Expert witness

We are well-known across the industry for our practical, knowledgeable and expert advice on diversity and equality.

Our ability to coherently explain the issues surrounding equality and diversity in construction, from what works and what does not, to the legal requirements and implications has led to organisations and individuals approaching us to represent them in courtrooms across the country.


General consultancy

If you feel your organisation could do better when it comes to equality and diversity, or would simply like to gain a greater understanding of your responsibilities, we can help.

We have over 10 years’ experience in construction and Postgraduate qualifications in equality and diversity, as well as doctorate level research and experience. All of which means we can give you honest, practical, technically astute advice that not only develops your understanding of your legal requirements, but also helps you retain and attract talented staff from all areas of society.


Individual support

Our background in the industry makes us exceptional mentors. We have helped hundreds of people achieve their ambitions, from all sections of society and at all levels of experience. Because many people have to support themselves through this, we now offer special packages.

Fast-Track CIOB PDP Programme (£35 per month) involves a monthly one-to-one phone coaching session with Chrissi MccCarthy MCIOB, an ex-PDP candidate and current External Verifier for the CIOB. She will feedback on set tasks, and strengthen your knowledge and expertise in key areas.

Individual Coaching (£35 per session) will focus on whatever you want. You might want to progress into a certain area, or overcome a particular obstacle. It is an opportunity to get advice and support from a professional with over 10 years’ experience in construction; someone with no agenda who wants to bring out the best in you.

“I would like to thank you for your help toward my PDP and express how much simpler you made it.” Paul Stark, Graduate Site Manager, Carillion.


Interview support

To be successful, you need to understand your customers’ needs before you can find them the best solutions. To fully understand your customers, you need a diverse organisation – filled with different ways of thinking and the variety of solutions your business needs.

Jobs are often offered to people that interviewers build a strong rapport with, rather than those with the right skills. Our interview support service delivers objectivity. It can protect you from discrimination claims and promote diversity internally. It gives interviewers more confidence in their choices and shows interviewees you care about diversity. You also get the best candidate for the job.



Sometimes, a formal hearing is unavoidable. While most companies allow individuals to take a colleague or Trade Union member into hearings, individual disciplines are rarely represented by Unions;  project-based working has led to fewer close working relationships, and by extension fewer colleagues to entrust with such responsibility.

Our representative service gives individuals unbiased support from a professional with over 10 years’ construction experience who fully understands the legal procedures surrounding tribunals. Offering our services to employees proves you are a supportive employer. We are also happy to mediate or simply consult on how a matter might be resolved.


UK Diversity

It is always a challenge entering new territories and markets. And the UK is no different. Our knowledgeable experts can help you understand your legal requirements, and industry best practices. Further still, they can help you get your processes and procedures right first time – from recruitment through to development and retention.

By taking the initiative and championing diversity, global firms can set themselves apart from the competition. As well as new business, it will help you to attract the local talent you need, develop strong ties with local communities and, importantly, develop strong roots in the UK industry.

At Constructing Equality Ltd., we combine SMART methodology with our knowledge and expertise to develop strategies that are in step with our clients’ work – that reflects their size, sector, staff and goals.

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