What is it?

Constructing Equality Ltd. has developed cost effective construction-specific eLearning covering equality and diversity to help companies meet their procurement requirements.

Who is it for?

Our eLearning packages are suitable for all staff from office or site. We are currently developing courses specifically for managers, which build on the foundation course that is currently available.

“The balance between the theoretical and practical was good” & “The interactive aspects are good” – BAM Construct UK Ltd

How does it benefit your business?

  • Helps with legal compliance
  • Explains how Equality and Diversity can help your business
  • Encourages improved workplace culture
  • Assists procurement (especially for public sector work)
  • Short modules that fit around the working day
  • Assists with employee engagement
  • Helps to promote a more respectful workplace
  • Accessible on tablets and smartphones as well as computers
  • Industry specific examples
  • Suitable for all learning styles
  • Eligible for CITB grant funding*

How will the courses be kept up to date?

Our eLearning packages are always moving forwards, keeping pace with advances in the technology used to create them and any changes to the content as needs arise.

“The course is construction specific, which makes it relevant” – Shepherd Construction

How a course looks this year will be different to how it appears next year as we operate a system of regular review.

Our dedicated eLearning manager, Matt Crouch, is constantly seeking ways to improve our learners’ experience and levels of interactivity through the use of games and activities appropriate to the content.

By keeping up to date we ensure that our eLearning is accessible to as many learners as possible, through as many media as possible.

Our content can currently be accessed through both desk-top and laptop computers as well as tablets and smartphones, including those running iOS.

What do other people have to say about it?

When asked the following questions the responses were 100% in agreement: –

“Keeps audience participation high” – The Miller Group (Miller Construction)

  • Were the objectives met and clearly outlined?
  • Was the content informative?                                                
  • Was the content enjoyable?
  • Did you find the eLearning useful?
  • Was the overall image appealing and clear?
  • Did the presentations have a good level of interactivity?
  • Were there sufficient additional resources available?

How do you enrol your learners?

To find out more about our courses, or how to enrol your staff as learners, contact us by email

Course details can be found in our downloadable brochure

Complete the form below to arrange a call from us

Additional Information?

For any company that is CITB registered and eligible to claim training grants, this course has been structured to comply with the requirements of the CITB Training Plan grant.

The presentations can also be adapted to comply with company branding guidelines to enable them to fit in with any training offered by your company. Additionally videos, documents, policies, etc. pertinent to a particular company can be incorporated, if desired.

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