Emanuel Whittaker target underrepresentation

Emmanual Whittaker

The inquiry talked at length to three of their employees from non-white ethnic minority backgrounds and to the chief executive.

The firm developed a variety of initiatives to diversify its workforce in recognition of the changing nature of the communities within which they operate:

  • To take advantage of the potential for new communities to widen the pool of recruits
  • In recognition of the value of reflecting the communities served to deliver improved customer confidence
  • To develop a greater understanding of the needs of their clients and of social housing tenants.

Their diversity initiatives also recognised that certain groups were less likely to apply for work in the industry.

The methods used by the firm to increase diversity in both recruitment and retention of staff included:

  • Developing specific diversity objectives and plans for achieving them
  • Setting recruitment and retention targets across non-white ethnic groups
  • Changing facilities to accommodate cultural and religious requirements

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