Macform Ltd. – A happy workforce is a productive workforce

Macform - Happy Workforce a Productive WorkforceMaking the leap from considering themselves a “fair and decent employer” to formally evidencing that commitment was one of the main motivators behind Macform’s involvement in the Be Fair accreditation.

“On paper, we probably knew very little [about Fairness, Inclusion and Respect] although in practice we would have always considered ourselves a fair, decent and approachable employer,” said MacForm’s Health & Safety Advisor, Lynsey Downie.

“I believe that this proves to current employees and prospective future employees that we are an organisation which genuinely cares about and takes an interest in the wellbeing of our staff, above and beyond any statutory limits,” Lynsey said.

Already, Lynsey felt that going through the accreditation – which is flexible to suit all sizes of companies – has boosted morale within the team and given staff “a voice”.

“They are now aware that they are an integral part of the business and their views and opinions really do matter. A happy workforce is a productive workforce!” she said.

From the CITB Website

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