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Now that Constructing Equality Ltd have officially launched their one hour – Introduction to Equality & Diversity in the UK Construction Industry online learning course, which has been tested and reviewed by the industry. We want to give you a sneak peek into our Online Learning Management System as we highlight the benefits it can bring for you.

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We want to ensure that all our audiences have suitable accessibility to our Online Learning Management system – this has been achieved by reducing limitations that other systems bring to users such as being unable to access your course when your workplace is not always at your desk or in the same place which means it can take a long time to be able to complete your online programme. By making our courses available through other devices such as tablets and mobile devices you can access your learning programme wherever you are and whenever convenient.

Making our content informative and engaging was vital when designing our online course, using Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Packages. SCORM packages are supported by all Learning Management Systems and allowed us to create game packages that deliver the important learning outcomes of the course in a fun, engaging and interactive way.  We have made gaining a greater understanding around Equality and Diversity and the benefits this brings to your business fun for our learners as well as educational. 

One common issue which was highlighted within our research and feedback was that finding information and case studies on search engines can be somewhat of an annoyance and even I myself understand the pain of swarming through the internet trying to find that needle within the haystack. This is why we focused on making our LMS as user-friendly as possible. We make all our information and supporting documents, such as Wikis, FAQs and glossaries easy to find at just a click of a button. 

Q – Online Training or Training Workshops which is better?

This question is asked frequently and the answer isn’t so simple, but what we do know is that when participating in courses students love the debates, discussions and interaction between themselves and tutors. This has encouraged us to make our Online Learning Management system as engaging as possible – our Online Learning Manager, Matt Crouch, has been seeking new ways to help create rapport between student tutor relationships. By focusing on the interaction of discussion boards and creating debates which give students the learning environment structure similar to classrooms it allows the audience to get the most out of their experiences.

Q – How can I make our training courses unique to our company?

This is why we made our courses flexible allowing them to be appropriate to companies’ requirements; our presentations on the Online Learning Management System can also be made to conform to company branding guidelines to enable them to fit in with any other training from other providers. Additionally videos, documents, policies, etc. relevant to a particular company can be incorporated, if desired. This can give the Online Learning Course a unique look suitable for your company.

This weeks blog was written by Paul Boothroyd our IT Trainee and Business Administrator who has currently been working on Designing and Developing Constructing Equality’s Online Learning Management System.

For more information please feel free to read the product brochure below

Introduction to Equality & Diversity Course – 1 hour (opens as pdf)

Foundation Equality & Diversity Course (opens as pdf)

If you would like to trial the Online Learning please visit the following page and fill out the registration form here

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