“Engineers are good in bed” and other passive aggressive google predictions

This week, for fun, we thought we would show the results of what happens when you type ”professions are…” into google (for ‘profession’, specify a particular one).

The results are rather odd – from the bewildering “plumbers are red hedgehogs are blue” to the depressing “architects are stupid”, google has a lot to say about careers in the built environment. Surprisingly, bricklayers came out on top with the comments directed towards the need for them – roofers on the other hand need an image shake-up.

Humour aside, we know that google makes its predictions based upon previous searches so we challenge you to search on what your “professions are…” – it would be brilliant to try and change the top result. E.g. “site managers are hardworking geniuses” – at the moment we don’t even get a mention.


Architects are

Architects are

Engineers are


Roofers are


Planners are


Clients are




Plumbers are


One thought on ““Engineers are good in bed” and other passive aggressive google predictions

  1. Comments from Linked in

    Ron Eckersley; Dams and bridges is a step in the right direction for Civils!

    David Warren; Funny!!!!!!

    Stefanie Stead; Going by this, there appears to be a lot of bricklayers emigrating and/or going to the pub! And the engineers are having too much fun!

    Stuart Nicholson; Accountants are boring and rich!

    Stefanie Stead; No comment!

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