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A wealth of experience

Our training is supported through not only the relevant teaching qualifications, but through over 20 years combined experience of successful delivery. We have provided training through academic institutions (to classes at Colleges of Further Education and at Universities), to different-sized groups at corporate level (from seminars to workshops), online and at conference level. Through our experience we have a proven knowledge and understanding of how people absorb information.  

A proven track record

As part of our commitment to constantly evaluating our work, we collect feedback on all of our courses. The data that we have demonstrates an impressive track record of successfully delivering training

Keeping Pace

Our online learning packages are always moving forwards, keeping pace with advances in not only the technology used to create them, but also any changes to the content as needs arise. How a course looks this year will be different to how it appears next year as we operate a system of constant review. Our dedicated online learning manager, Matt Crouch, is constantly seeking ways to improve our learners’ experience and level of interactivity through the use of games and activities appropriate to the content.

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