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Roofing Today – The CITB Be Fair Framework

Published in – Roofing Today

Date – January 20 , 2015

Snippet – The Be Fair Framework is CITB’s new accreditation for fairness, inclusion and respect aimed at supporting fair working and employment practices for everyone; it has been written by the construction industry specifically for the construction industry.What is in Be Fair for the roofing sector?First of all, Be Fair has learnt the lessons from previous equality drives that focused on one group or another that were perceived as disadvantaged. Rather than offering privileges directed just at one of these groups in the workforce, Be Fair is an accreditation framework that aims to ensure fairness, inclusion and respect for the whole workforce and all who deal with the company……more

AuthorsCaroline Gee BA (Comb. Hons), MA


The world isn’t fair…But we should be

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – January 5 , 2015

Snippet – The CITB’s Be Fair framework is designed to help construction employers to embed fairness, inclusion and respect in their day-to-day activities. Michael Smyth, the head of human resources at £420m-turnover contractor Graham Construction, and Jean Duprez, manager at London-based decorating subcontractor K&M McLoughlin, explain what their companies have gained from Be Fair accreditation..…more

CITB Be Fair framework shows benefits of diversity training 

Published in – Construction News

Date – November 28 , 2014

Snippet – The CITB Be Fair framework is an accredited tool designed by the industry for the industry to improve fair working practices within your business and as a centralised knowledge resource to help improve business performance and get the most from your employees……more

An open letter to the CIOB: No women in the CMYA is bad for everyone

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – November 4 , 2014

Snippet – When I worked in construction I had an ambition – well I had a lot of ambitions and still do – but there was one with a particular focus. I wanted to win the CIOB’s Construction Manager of the Year Awards (CMYA): for me they were the only awards that showcased the best of the talent in the industry. I felt if I ever won an award it would show that I had achieved something that was very important to me – that I was the best I could be at my job….…more

What is your response to the fact there were no women in this year’s CMYA final

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – October 31 , 2014

Snippet – We are very disappointed that there were no women this year. The CMYA is our vehicle for celebrating excellence, so we ask construction firms to look across their companies, we say “we want you to enter your very best people” so this is an opportunity for them to showcase their diversity. The only criteria are that the project managers should be site-based and their buildings should have been completed in that year….…more

False self-employment: a ticking timebomb?

Published in – Construction News

Date – August 18, 2014

Snippet – Things have not always been like this, but with the continuation of risk being passed down the supply chain, late payment terms and uncertainty of the recession, subcontractors have adopted any means possible to keep their heads above water.…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip,

First Be Fair licence awarded by CITB

Published in – Roofing Cladding and Insulations

Date – August 13, 2014

Snippet – Constructing Equality has become the first assessment provider licensed by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) to provide assessment and support services nationwide to construction companies who take on accreditation under the Be Fair Framework at Accredited, Bronze, Silver or Gold levels…more

Carillion awarded new charter mark for integrity

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – August 08, 2014

Snippet – Carillion has become the first construction firm to gain accreditation under the new ethical business standard Investing in Integrity (IiI), which upholds it to high standards on equality and diversity, HR practices, health and safety, and compliance with bribery and competition law.…more

Construction industry presence at Pride

Published in – Place North West

Date – July 29,  2014

Snippet – Representatives from construction organisations across the region will attend Liverpool Pride this weekend, to show their support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. The Construction Industry Training Board, AECOM, ISG, Morgan Sindall, and Space Architects are among attendees.…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

CITB’s ‘Be Fair’ framework launched for equality & diversity

Published in – IHBC News

Date – June 20,  2014

Snippet – It is designed to bring an end to inappropriate cultures and practices creating a fair, inclusive and respectful industry that recognises the commercial benefits of adopting fairness, inclusion and respect policies..…more

Online diversity training for construction due to launch next month

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – May 30 ,2014

Snippet – An interactive online training course set up to teach construction personnel the basics of equality and diversity in the workplace is due to be officially launched on 4 June. The CITB-approved course, provided by Constructing Equality, is designed for construction employees at any level within a company and takes just three hours to complete.…more

AuthorsChrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

How can we even up gender balance?

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – May 02,  2014

Snippet – Since the Davies report three years ago, there has been real progress in the number of women in board rooms. Representation on FTSE 100 boards now stands at 20.7%, up from 12.5% in 2011, with only two all-male boards remaining..…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

33 Contractors set to receive ‘BeFair’ accreditation under new CITB Scheme

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – April 25,  2014

Snippet – At least 33 contractors will be awarded with a new standard due to be launched in the second week of June that demonstrates that they treat their staff, job applicants and their supply chain fairly. The new BeFair accreditation scheme, which involves going through a rigorous assessment akin to attaining Investors in People has been developed by the CITB in association with Liverpool-based consultancy Constructing Equality to support the industry in developing fair and inclusive employment practices….more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip,

How to drive diversity in your company

Published in – Construction News

Date – February 27,  2014

Snippet – The law can be useful in understanding current thinking, but in itself is not a real motivator for companies to be proactive about equality, diversity, fairness, inclusion and respect. So, why change? Research shows the benefits of diversity include…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Late Payment: Why blaming contractors is missing the point

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – November 29,  2013

Snippet – The new Supply Chain Charter, due to be launched by the government-industry Construction Leadership Council next month, is setting out to change the late payment practices in the industry, but with specific construction law already in place, and often ignored, how effective can it be? …more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip,

Chrissi McCarthy: Mainstreaming equality in construction: the case for organisational justice

Published in – PhD – Mainstreaming equality in construction

Date – April , 2013

Snippet – Despite over 20 years of initiatives, research, and agendas the UK construction sector has failed to embed equality into business priorities and approaches; with both women and minority groups remaining under represented and unfairly treated in construction trades and the professions. …more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip, Derek Thompson and Andrew Dainty

Chrissi McCarthy: Why Prompt Payment

Published in Construction Manager

Date – April 29, 2013

Snippet – I have worked for a main contractor, subcontractor and, for my sins, I married a PQS, so I’d like to think I have a bit of an idea around how late payments work – though, as always, I’m happy to be corrected…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Can you really have it all?

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – October 12, 2011

Snippet – Is it possible to combine the rigours of a job in construction with the demands of being a mother? Chrissi McCarthy spoke to women about their experience and puts the case for better maternity benefits and flexible working. Photographs by Sam Fairbrother

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Take positive action

Published in – FCA magazine

Date – June 1, 2011

Snippet – With the introduction of new positive action measures to the Equality Act inApril we take a look at what positive action is and how you can use it toenhance your organisation. Experience has taught us that there are three main ways organisations choose tolook at Equality legislation1.Ignore – This is the construction industry we won’t need it2.Comply – Do what we need to, what will protect us…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Chrissi McCarthy’s Diversity Blog

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – February 7, 2011

Snippet – Chrissi McCarthy’s diversity blog: why women should have their own management training

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Equality Street

Published in – Safety and Health Practitioner

Date – November 10, 2010

Snippet – The introduction last month of the new Equality Act has, among other things, extended positive-action provision, provided more protection from dual discrimination, and set out pay-transparency rules. Against this backdrop, Chrissi McCarthy explores the role of women in construction and why the industry’s health and safety record could be improved by attracting more into the profession.

Authors –  Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Getting together, Getting ahead

Published in – Construction Manager

Date – September 14, 2010

Snippet – Legal reasons aside, there’s a compelling business case for a more diverse workforce, says Constructing Equality’s Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB

AuthorsChrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

Todays women still trapped by yesterdays attitudes

Published in – Building

Date – June 1, 2009

Snippet – It’s a given that discrimination and sexual harassment are a no-go in today’s society. Not surprisingly, when you ask almost any construction firm they will tell you that such practices are archaic and certainly don’t have a place within their organisation…more

Authors: Chrissi McCarthy MCIOB BSc(Hons) PgDip

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