Re-thinking Online Equality Training – 5 Reasons why it could be for You and your Company


Lights, Camera, and Action! – this week Constructing Equality went all “Hollywood” as we brought our Online Equality Training scripts to life.  Now, I know what you might be thinking, Online Training has not always lived up to the dream it promised – so often being dry, over cautious and even ill-informed.  We are hoping to change that by providing Training that will not only engage the audience but help them see the value of learning in this style.  With two large main contractor organisations testing the initial four modules in October 2013, below are 5 reasons why you should re-think Online Training as a solution to your Equality Training needs:-


1. We know our stuff, both practically and academically.  By that we mean we really do know what we are talking about, and not just Equality either.  Our Team houses experts in Equality and Construction, as well as Teaching and Online Learning.  In fact, the wealth of knowledge that went into the Training is as follows:-

    1. 15+ years practical Construction Industry experience
    2. 15+ years Teaching experience
    3. 7+ years Equality and Diversity Practitioner experience
    4. Postgraduate qualifications in Construction Management, Equality and Teaching
    5. In-House expertise in Online Training


2. We think Training should be enjoyable.  We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can teach people things in a way that keeps them engaged and helps them relate to the subject.  Our Training hosts a mix of videos, tasks, audio and visual stimuli to cater for a range of learning styles and needs.  We also test using a range of methods so that you can see how your staff members are progressing.


3. We know what’s important.  Whilst the law is important to know, we think that people are more likely to buy into an Equality agenda if they can understand why it’s important to them.  Hence, our courses are not only written by people who have worked in the Construction Industry, but they also look at the benefits to the individual, the business and the Construction Sector as a whole.  This approach helps people understand why this is important and how they can progress this work within their roles.


4. We know that your time is valuable.  Our Training modules last for one hour and each module is further broken down into blocks lasting 15mins.  There are tests to be completed during the module and at the end which complement the learning experience.


5. We consider your Budget.  The Training is designed so that you / your Company can claim grants through the CITB Grant Scheme, if you are eligible.  For this Online Training needs to be 3 hours long in order to be able to claim back via a grant.  Our courses are designed to meet this minimum with 3 x one-hour long modules (with each module being made up of four 15 min blocks).


We are looking to take the Training live in January 2014, with packages that complement the Be Fair Framework becoming available in Spring 2014.  If you would like a free trial, please get in touch with Sanjay (at to find out how Online Equality Training can help you meet both organisational and procurement requirements.

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