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Taylor Wimpey Logistics

Taylor Wimpey identified a business need within their workforce for improving the awareness of Respect in the Workplace.

By commissioning workshops from Constructing Equality Ltd. that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace with a look at relevant legislation they were able to offer staff and managers a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to learn.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics have a strong belief that people work most efficiently and effectively when they understand boundaries, work in a happy and positive environment and enjoy the company of the people they work with.

However, they identified that they needed to improve the awareness of Respect in their workplace. So, they commissioned workshops that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace, with reviews on current legislation.

Over two days, more than 45 staff and managers completed these tailored half-day workshops. It was a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to approach the subject, and the Managers developed action plans that they could implement immediately.

BE FaIR Framework – Vinci

In 2013 Constructing Equality Ltd. will commence running the pilot for CITB of the industry approved, accredited BE FaIR Framework, which coincidentally they also wrote for ConstructionSkills.

The Pilot will launch on the back of the Test Phase experiences of companies like Vinci.

Vinci were committed to being part of the Test Phase from the outset – a forward thinking multi-national organisation they were keen to lead the industry in adopting an approved, accredited framework that would demonstrate their commitment to fairness in the workplace for everyone and provide the most effective, sustainable basis for addressing diversity and equality.

Vinci were already looking at the IID Framework and wanted to test something more specific to their needs that would also help them to address fairness within their supply chain.

Part of the strength of Vinci’s participation was that they were able to compare their experiences with IID alongside the implementation of BE FaIR.

Vinci tested BE FaIR across commercial and site-based divisions to assess its effectiveness in meeting the needs of the business on all levels as well as to see how easy it was to adopt and integrate within their existing working practices.

“Definitely saw benefit that it could create real change, structure and focus – it is practical.” Vinci Management, October 2012

For Vinci, it was important that BE FaIR was prescriptive, flexible and simple to understand; otherwise they feared it might not translate into both their office to site-based environments.

“Overall it was what you would want to see. The supply chain area was useful as this is an area I need support in”

“The section on sites is really useful. The fact that those on site feel specifically communicated with is good.”

“This is more detailed than other standards. A lot of language is simpler, more comprehensive with than the previous framework we used”

“Definitely saw value in having to do less work to achieve the same/greater result.”

The commitment, support and feedback from companies like Vinci significantly shaped the preparation for the Pilot Phase which will see the launch of the first 6 of the total 18 strands of the Framework and involve Main Contractors, Subcontractors and Housing Associations.

Women Working in the Construction Industry

“I wasn’t sure that this course could add to the knowledge I’ve gained from the various management training courses I’ve been on. In fact it’s probably the most important course I’ve been on to date” Andrea Thompson, John Sisk & Sons, April 2011

“…most educational course I’ve been on…A great guide to make it to the top.” Theresa McGuane, John Sisk & Sons April 2011

We provided John Sisk & Sons with a four-day course tailored for specifically for female managers. Part of the CITB Women in Construction Project, it focused on how women are perceived by, and relate to, others in the workplace. The programme then looked at how attendees could strengthen their positions and increase their effectiveness, as well as become future business leaders.

John Sisk & Sons initially felt that their female managers were comfortable in their positions, and that few would sign up for the programme. They were quickly taken aback by the number of women who wished to participate.

John Sisk & Sons came to acknowledge that helping their women managers to understand more about how they relate to their workplaces and how their workplace relates to them would increase their effectiveness in their roles and their commitment to the organisation improving motivation, morale and, ultimately, productivity.  They also recognised that there was a very strong need and desire for this type of training when they saw the strength of the feedback, as well as the take-up

The women who attended the three day programme were unanimous in their resoundingly positive response to the course and the power they felt following their experiences.

“Insightful and well taught. Would be beneficial to all construction employees”, Anonymous, John Sisk & Sons, April 2011

“Empowerment starts here, if you let it.” Peajay Morris, John Sisk & Sons, April 2011

“Greater understanding of a woman’s choice to work in the Construction Industry. I understand that I am not alone.” Karen Manning, John Sisk & Sons, April 2011

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