Leadership is not just something we write about on our website – it is part of the very core of our organisation. Constructing Equality Limited is made up of knowledge-led professionals who produce and contribute to research papers, academic conferences and journal reviews. Our work takes a dynamic approach that breaks new ground in the areas of equality and diversity considering a whole employee approach that maintains the focus on the additional support required by minority groups. If you would like to be kept up to date with the progress of our academic research please sign up here and we will share details of any overviews, conference or journal articles that we contribute to.

Constructing Equality Ltd SROI Pride 2014 2014 Pride SROI 2014
K Sang, A Powell 2012 Equality, diversity, inclusion and work–life balance in construction
R Niculae 2012 Gender issues in architectural education: feminine paradigm
S Barnard, T Hassan, B Bagilhole, A Dainty 2012 ‘They’re not girly girls’: an exploration of quantitative and qualitative data on engineering and gender in higher education
T Wright 2011 Exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality and class in the transport and construction industries
T Wright 2011 A “lesbian advantage”?: Analysing the intersections of gender, sexuality and class in male-dominated work
A Powell, A Dainty, B Bagilhole 2011 A poisoned chalice? Why UK women engineering and technology students may receive more ‘help ‘than their male peers
A Styhre 2011 The overworked site manager: gendered ideologies in the construction industry
Jane English, Karen Le Jeune. 2011 Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers, despite Progressive Government Legislation?
P Bowen, P Edwards, H Lingard 2011 Workplace harassment and discrimination for South African construction professionals
P Missa 2011 A Potential Labour Source: Black and Minority Ethnics (BMEs) as a Major Human Resource Priority for the Construction Industry
S Moir, M Thomson 2011 Unfinished Business: Building Equality for Women in the Construction Trades
Shamas-ur-Rehman Toor, George Ofori. 2011 Women Leaders Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Singapore’s Construction Industry.
Yilmaz Hatipkarasulu, PhD and Shelley E. Roff, PhD 2011 Women in Construction: An Early Historical Perspective
K Ness 2011 Constructing Masculinity in the Building Trades: ‘Most Jobs in the Construction Industry Can Be Done by Women’
H Lingard, V Francis 2010 The work‐life experiences of office and site‐based employees in the Australian construction industry
EG Ochieng, ADF Price 2010 Managing cross-cultural communication in multicultural construction project teams: The case of Kenya and UK
AM Denissen 2010 The right tools for the job: Constructing gender meanings and identities in the male-dominated building trades
M Loosemore, F Phua, K Dunn 2010 Operatives’ experiences of cultural diversity on Australian construction sites
SL Lu 2010 Career journeys and turning points of senior female managers in small construction firms
D Thiel 2010 Contacts and contracts: Economic embeddedness and ethnic stratification in London’s construction market
AM Denisson 2010 “I’m not free porn”: Lesbian Tradeswomen and the Contradictions of Workplace Discrimination
L Worrall, K Harris, R Stewart 2010 Barriers to women in the UK construction industry
AM Denissen 2010 Crossing the line: How women in the building trades interpret and respond to sexual conduct at work
J Jones 2010 Closing the Gender Gap
M Murphy 2010  Engaging female employees at technical and professional status in the South Wales construction sector
S Barnard, A Powell, B Bagilhole, A Dainty 2010 Researching UK Women Professionals in SET: A Critical Review of Current Approaches
V Caven 2010 Work-life balance among architects
BR Bergmann 2010 Live Wire: Women and Brotherhood in the Electrical Industry
EJ Morrison 2010 Employee preferences for work-life balance initiatives in a large New Zealand construction company
Fernando, G. Amaratunga, D. Haigh, R. 2010 Career Advancement of the Professional Women in the UK Construction Industry: 319 career success factors
K Grillner 2010 Feminism as Architecture
N Chileshe 2010 An empirical analysis of factors impacting career decisions in South African construction industry: Male and female high school students’ perspectives
P Morton, J Collins 2010 Pathways to Success: Positive Steps into Built Environment Higher Education for Women
S Manley 2010 Managing Diversity and Equality in Construction
JH Watts 2009 Allowed into a Man’s World ‘Meanings of Work–Life Balance: Perspectives of Women Civil Engineers as ‘Minority ‘Workers in Construction
dainty 2009 How women engineers do and undo gender: Consequences for gender equality
Watts, J. H. 2009 Leaders of men: women ‘managing’ in construction
JA Ericksen 2009 Women pursuing careers in trades and construction
L Clarke, M van der Meer, C Bingham 2009 Enabling and disabling: disability in the British and Dutch construction sectors
A Caplan 2009 Race Discrimination in the Construction Industry: A Thematic Review
A Powell, TM Hassan, ARJ Dainty, C Carter 2009 Note: Exploring gender differences in construction research: a European perspective
KJC Sang, SG Ison, ARJ Dainty 2009 The job satisfaction of UK architects and relationships with work-life balance and turnover intentions
A Graft-Johnson, R Sara, F Gleed 2009 Gathering and Reviewing Data on Diversity within the Construction Professions
D San Santoso 2009 The construction site as a multicultural workplace: a perspective of minority migrant workers in Brunei
V Caven 2009 Designing a career: men and architecture
T Haupt, K Madikizela 2009 Why do South African women choose careers in construction?
M Loosemore, N Galea 2008 Genderlect and conflict in the Australian construction industry
S Dabke, O Salem, A Genaidy 2008 Job Satisfaction of Women in Construction Trades
L Clarke 2008 Obstacles to diversity in construction: the example of Heathrow Terminal 5
Ahmed, V., Pathmewaran, R., Baldry, D., Worrall, L., Abouen, S, ( 2008 Construction and BME
Ahmed, Vian. Pathmeswaran, Raju. Baldry, David.  Worrall, Lisa.  Abouen, Sabri 2008 An Investigation into the Barriers Facing Black and Minority Ethnics Within the UK Construction Industry
J Brown 2008 From the ground up: Building opportunities for women in construction
FYY Ling, L Leow 2008 Enabling knowledge flow: retaining graduate women in the Singapore construction industry
Ness, K, and Green 2008 Respect for people in the enterprise culture
V Jones, P Lowe 2008 Innovation Circles and Women in Construction in the Construction Knowledge Exchange North West
A. Enshassi, S. Ihsen, K. Al Hallaq. 2008 The perception of women engineers in the construction industry in Palestine.
M Eppenberger 2008 Older construction workers: a study of related injuries, underlying causes and estimated costs
A Enshassi, SI PhD 2008 The perception of women engineers in the construction industry in Palestine
CABE 2008 Inclusion by design
JH Watts 2007 Porn, pride and pessimism: experiences of women working in professional construction roles
KJC Sang, ARJ Dainty 2007 Gender: a risk factor for occupational stress in the architectural profession?
A Powell, B Bagilhole, A Dainty 2007 The Good, the bad and the ugly: women engineering students‖ experiences of UK higher education
A Datta 2007 Gender and learning in the design studio
CL Menches, DM Abraham 2007 Women in construction—tapping the untapped resource to meet future demands
SJ Wilkinson, P Morton 2007 The emerging importance of feminist research paradigms in built environment research
A de Graft-Johnson, S Manley 2007 The gender gap in architectural practice
AM Denissen 2007 Perpetual pioneers: Women and work in the construction trades
D Thiel 2007 Class in construction: London building workers, dirty work and physical cultures1
 Harriet K. Eliufoo 2007 Gendered division of labour in construction sites in Zanzibar
A Caplan 2007 Access and inclusivity of minority ethnic people in the construction industry
N Thurairajah, RDG Amaratunga 2007 Women’s educational attainment and their experiences in construction education
D Amaratunga, M Shanmugam 2007 Construction and Women
N Thurairajah, RDG Amaratunga and RP Haigh 2007 Confronting barriers to women in leadership positions: A study on construction industry
Skills 2007 Deconstructing Barriers
B Anderson 2006 Fair Enough?: Central and East European Migrants in Low-wage Employment in the UK
S Gurgaon 2006 INCLUSIVITY: The changing role of women in the construction workforce
A Powell, BM Bagilhole 2006 The problem of women’s assimilation into UK engineering cultures: can critical mass work?
ARJ Dainty, H Lingard 2006 Indirect discrimination in construction organizations and the impact on women’s careers
AY Adeyemi, SO Ojo, OO Aina… 2006 Empirical evidence of women under-representation in the construction industry in Nigeria
AW Gale 2006 Managing diversity and equality in construction: initiatives and practice
V Caven 2006 Career building: women and non‐standard employment in architecture
ARJ Dainty, BM Bagilhole, AW Gale 2006 Women’s and men’s careers in the UK construction industry: a comparative analysis
G Berik 2006 Still a wedge in the door: women training for the construction trades in the USA
A Steele, D Sodhi, AW Gale 2006 Race, ethnic minorities and the construction industry
C Greed 2006 Social exclusion; women in construction
G Elvitigala, D Amaratunga, R Haigh 2006 Women’s entry into construction: does industry culture act as a barrier
H Lingard 2006 Diversity by supporting employees’ work-life’in AW Gale & MJ Davidson (eds) Managing diversity and equality in construction
A Ruff, AW Gale 2006 Discrimination law and the construction industry
C Davey, D Sodhi, A Steele, AW Gale 2006 Building equality in construction Part II: good practice guidelines for race and gender equality for building contractors and housing associations
J English, TC Haupt 2006 Women, construction and health and safety (H&S): South African and Tanzanian perspectives
RDG Amaratunga, RP Haigh 2006 Construction industry and women: a review of the barriers
AW Gale 2006 An introduction to diversity
C Greed 2006 Women in surveying and planning
NG Elvitigalage Dona 2006 The impact of culture on career development of women in construction
NG Elvitigalage Dona, RDG Amaratunga 2006 Women’s career development and the role of training and development
P Morton, J Collins 2006 Change in Practice
H Lingard, V Francis 2005 Does work–family conflict mediate the relationship between job schedule demands and burnout in male construction professionals and managers?
H Lingard 2005 The decline of the ‘traditional ‘family: work‐life benefits as a means of promoting a diverse workforce in the construction industry of Australia
C Greed 2005 Overcoming the factors inhibiting the mainstreaming of gender into spatial planning policy in the United Kingdom
J Byrne, L Clarke 2005 Gender and ethnic minority exclusion from skilled occupations in construction: a Western European comparison
DG Blanchflower 2005 An analysis of the impact of affirmative action programs on self-employment in the construction industry
A De Graft‐Johnson, S Manley 2005 Diversity or the lack of it in the architectural profession
C Greed 2005 An investigation of the effectiveness of gender mainstreaming as a means of integrating the needs of women and men into spatial planning in the United Kingdom
ARJ Dainty 2005 Guest Editorial
R Holloway 2005 Retention and career progression of Black and Asian people in the construction industry
R Newton 2005 Do disabled people have a place in the UK construction industry?
G Briscoe 2005 Women and minority groups in UK construction: recent trends
AS Caplan 2005 Included against the odds: failure and success among minority ethnic built‐environment professionals in Britain
C Deacon, J Smallwood, T Haupt 2005 The health and well-being of older construction workers
JB Hossain 2005 Sex segregation in construction organizations in Bangladesh and Thailand
MG Ormerod 2005 Briefing for accessibility in design
A Steele 2005 The future of the black and minority ethnic (BME) construction sector in England
C Pepper 2005 A critical evaluation of diversity and equality in the UK construction sector
K Madikizela 2005 Influences on Women’s Choices of Careers in Construction: A South African study
C Anumba, A Dainty, S Ison, A Sergeant 2005 GIS‐Based Diversity Planning: A Case Study
P Whitman 2005 The Career Progression of Women in the Architectural Profession
royal Holloway 2005 Minority ethnic representation in the built environment professions
B Fowler 2004 Women architects and their discontents
M Loosemore 2004 Gender differences in occupational stress among professionals in the construction industry
ARJ Dainty, BM Bagilhole, KH Ansari 2004 Creating equality in the construction industry: an agenda for change for women and ethnic minorities
H Lingard, J Lin 2004 Career, family and work environment determinants of organizational commitment among women in the Australian construction industry
L Clarke, EF Pedersen, E Michielsens 2004 Women in construction
V Caven 2004 Constructing a career: women architects at work
A Steele 2004 Black and minority ethnic contractors and consultants and UK housing associations’ contracting  power
V Francis, H Lingard 2004 A quantitative study of work-life experiences in the public and private sectors of the Australian construction industry
G Arslan 2004 The lower employment of women in Turkish construction sector
FYY Ling 2004 Encouraging more female quantity surveying graduates to enter the construction industry in Singapore
C Wall 2004 Any woman can’: 20 years of campaigning for access to construction training and employment
L Clarke 2004 Now you’re in, now you’re out: women’s changing participation in the building trades in Britain
S Eisenberg 2004 Still waiting after all these years: women in the US construction industry
V Chandra, M Loosemore 2004 Women’s self‐perception: an inter‐sector comparison of construction, legal and nursing professionals
H Barnes, J Parry, M Sahin-Dikmen, D Bonjour 2004 Architecture and Race: A Study of Black and Minority Ethnic Students in the Profession
L Thrane, L Clarke, E Frydendal Pedersen 2004 Why should women join the construction industry
A Powell¹, BM Bagilhole¹, ARJ Dainty, RH Neale 2004 An investigation of women’s career choice in construction
N Kaewsr 2004 An Investigation of Women Engineers in Non-Traditional Occupations in the Thai Construction Industry
RIBA 2003 Why Do Women Leave Architecture? RIBA response
Watts, J. 2003 Women in Civil Engineering: Continuity and Change.
H Lingard 2003 The impact of individual and job characteristics on’burnout’among civil engineers in Australia and the implications for employee turnover
A De Graft-Johnson, S Manley 2003 Why do women leave architecture
C Greed 2003 Gender Equality and Plan Making: Gender Mainstreaming Toolkit
L Ellison 2003 Raising the ratio: the surveying profession as a career: a report for the RICS Raising the Ratio Committee
JJ Smallwood, CT Haupt 2003 Older workers in South African construction: General contractor (GC) perceptions
A Agapiou 2003 Client-led approaches to increasing participation of women and ethnic minorities in the construction workforce: a framework for change
F Kalabamu 2003 Changing gender and institutional roles in self-help housing in Botswana: the case of Lobatse
AW Gale, MJ Davidson, P Somerville 2003 Managing racial equality and diversity in the UK construction industry
Duong, Thuong T. and Skitmore, Martin 2003 Female project managers’ workplace problems: a survey
K Strong, K Mauro, R Wiley-Jones 2003 Retaining Women Students in a Construction Engineering Undergraduate Program by Balancing Integration and Identity in Student Communities
Lingard, H. ( 2003 Managing Motherhood in the Australian ConstructionIndustry: Work-Family Balance, Parental Leave and Part Time Work. ,
P Gregor, AF Newell 2002 Designing for dynamic diversity: interfaces for older people
NC Chesler 2002 Gender-informed mentoring strategies for women engineering scholars: On establishing a caring community
A Agapiou 2002 Perceptions of gender roles and attitudes toward work among male and female operatives in the Scottish construction industry
M Loosemore, P Lee 2002 Communication problems with ethnic minorities in the construction industry
M Whittock 2002 “Women’s experiences of non-traditional employment: Is gender equality in this area a possibility?”
H Lingard, A Sublet 2002 The impact of job and organizational demands on marital or relationship satisfaction and conflict among Australian civil engineers
M Loosemore, DW Chau 2002 Racial discrimination towards Asian operatives in the Australian construction industry
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R Holloway 2002  Retention and career progression of Black and Asian people in the construction industry
constructing excellence 2002 Respect for People – A Framework for Action
R Duncan, R Neale 2002 Equality of opportunity, family friendliness and UK construction industry culture
B Bagilhole 2002 A comparative analysis of professional women’s and men’s careers in the UK construction industry
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P Turrell, SJ Wilkinson, V Astle 2002 A gender for change: the future for women in surveying
V Price 2002 Race, Affirmative Action, and Women’s Employment in US Highway Construction
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B Hanna 2002 Australia’s Early Women Architects: Milestones and Achievements
M Sarkar 2002 Women in construction
Ostroff, E., Limont, M. and Hunter, D 2002 Building a World Fit for People: Designers with Disabilities at
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. London. 2001 Rethinking Construction  Report of Interim Findings of the Respect for People Toolkit and Performance Measures Trials.
KH Anthony 2001 Designing for diversity: Gender, race, and ethnicity in the architectural profession
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ARJ Dainty, BM Bagilhole 2001 Rethinking Construction  A Commitment to People “Our biggest Asset”
GL Gilbert 2001 Motivation of Australian white‐collar construction employees: a gender issue?
L Ellison 2001 Senior management in chartered surveying: where are the women?
M Frank 2001 Hard Hats & Homophobia: Lesbians in the Building Trades
B Byrd 2001 Great Work If You Can Get It: Women in the Skilled Trades
Rethinking Construction 2001 Report of Interim Findings of the Respect for People Toolkit and Performance Measures Trials.
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Dainty 2000 Women in construction: the untapped resource
C Greed 2000 Comparison of men’s and women’s careers in UK construction industry
SL Fielden, MJ Davidson, AW Gale 2000 Women in the construction industry in the UK: a cultural discord?
A Adams 2000 Designing women: Gender and the architectural profession
A Canel, R Oldenziel 2000 Crossing boundaries, building bridges: comparing the history of women engineers, 1870s-1990s
M Wallace 2000 Workplace training initiatives: implications for women in the Australian workforce
BM Bagilhole, ARJ Dainty 2000 Yellow helmets: work and worth of women workers on construction sites in northern India
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J Hampton 2000 Where are all the female managers?
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Rethinking Construction 2000 A Commitment to People “Our biggest Asset”
Chitale, M. 1999 Critical Issues in Training Women in Construction
S Eisenberg 1999 We’ll call you if we need you: Experiences of women working construction
JF Bennett, MJ Davidson 1999 Women in construction: a comparative investigation into the expectations and experiences of female and male construction undergraduates and employees
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B Byrd 1999 Women in carpentry apprenticeship: A case study
C, Greed 1999 The Changing Composition of the Construction Professions
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HSE 1999 Women in the Construction Workplace: Providing Equitable Safety
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B Bagilhole, AR Dainty 1997 Women in Construction: Undervalued participants in an undervalued industry’
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Working in the Manual Craft Trades in the Construction Industry in Sheffield. “,
Sheffield City Council Equality Unit, Department of Employment, Sheffield, UK.
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Gale, A. W. 1980 Attracting women to construction
HJ Gans 1969 Women in The British Construction Professions: A Discussion on Pilot Research

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