Social Return on investment

Social Value brings meaning to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and allows companies to make decisions that will provide long terms benefits for communities, businesses and clients. Constructing Equality Ltd.’s knowledge of the impact, limitations and practices of the construction industry, combined in a partnership with Liverpool John Moores University who have expertise in Social Return on Investment and Social Auditing allows us to create Social Value initiatives that bring real, positive change to construction projects and the communities they enrich.

Social Return On Investment

By creating initiatives that understand the triumvirate of client, business and community need we can create longer term

value that can be measured to show, not only the benefit to the community but also, to your business bottom line – after all, Social Value should consider your staff too and in order to gain maximum value you need to ensure that Social Value projects benefit everyone.

Importantly, we also show you how to use this work to continually improve communities, win work and meet your c

We can work with you to create bespoke programs which include project plans, measurement documents and alients Social Value Act requirements.

nalysis or, from January 2015, you can take advantage of our online Community Value System.

Community Value System

This online measurement and management system aims to create a comparable system of measuring Social Value. Using industry and general best practice examples, as appropriate, the system allows you to make informed choices around CSR projects and enables you to measure your progress as you move forward.

 The use of ward data will allow clients to commission work that addresses the real, not presumed, needs of the communities they are working in and industry research will support an understanding of which initiatives have previously been successful alongside projected costs; this should help better inform clients and their sub-contracted supply chains.

 The system contains inbuilt formulas that create a social return report from the values provided, allowing you to concentrate on the job of building the community.


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