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Construction industry Leadership Group for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR)

The new Construction Industry Leadership Forum for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR), has been established on the recommendation of the Equality and Human Rights Commission following two studies on diversity in construction and has been charged with changing practice in the industry.

Construction 2025 Industrial Strategy – image of industry sub group

The Strategic Forum for Construction committed to oversee eight separate work streams that will support production of this Industrial Strategy for Construction.

The eight work streams are:

  • Skills Overseas trade Supply chain Access to finance Image of industry Whole life value SMEs Innovation For each work stream, industry representatives will identify the change needed for UK construction to deliver world class performance. Building on the back of existing industry initiatives, action plans will then be put in place to ensure that this change is achieved.
  • Completion of this work will draw from existing foresight work by industry bodies, and will require input from a range of experts, both from within the membership of the Strategic Forum for Construction and from the wider industry.
  • Chief Construction Advisor Peter Hansford, representatives from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the CBI were guests at the meeting, reflecting the desire for the Industrial Strategy for Construction to be co-created by Government and industry. The Forum looks forward to working closely with both CBI and the Government in the development of the strategy.
  • Strategic Forum for Construction chairman Bill Bolsover said: “The industry has a unique chance to work collaboratively with Government to develop a real long-term vision for our sector, backed by hard commitments to ensure this vision is realised.
  • “But it is essential that we set off on the right foot, establishing a comprehensive view of where we  want to be. The Strategic Forum is keen to work with experts from across the industry to develop this vision, and will be moving forward quickly with this work over the coming months”.

CIC Diversity Panel

The Diversity Panel is a collaborative forum and platform for members of all construction disciplines and professional bodies to identify and promote diversity policy and activities in the construction industry.


  • Advise Council and the Executive Board, on issues relating to diversity and equal opportunities. Link and co-ordinate the diversity activities of CIC members and other associated bodies of the construction industry. Identify and promote diversity policy and activities in the construction industry, to benefit society. Encourage their implementation, funding, dissemination and exploitation, including strategic aspects. Improve the perception and image of the construction industry through the promotion of diversity good practice.
  • At present the Panel has an unlimited lifespan. The Diversity Panel shall meet once a quarter for approximately 2 hours, throughout the year, typically at CIC’s offices. CIC shall provide a secretariat.
  • The minimum requirement for full members is to attend at least 3 out of the possible 4 meetings either in person or by conference or Skype call. Members should endeavor to attend the full length of the meeting. At present there are 24 members involved, however the maximum number of members can be 30. Potential new members will be asked to submit a short C.V. to the Chair who will consult with the Secretariat. The CIC DP aims to have at least 50% of the panel directly linked (employed by, delegated by and or committee member) from the professional institutions which are members of CIC.

The Chartered Institutes of Building (CIOB)

  • On behalf of the Trustees, identify and prioritise relationships with stakeholder bodies.
  • Advise and assist Trustees on policy development in relation to stakeholder engagement.
  • Contribute to conferences, consultations and maintain contact and co-operate with relevant bodies as designated

Guest Lecturer at Liverpool Community College

Lecturer in Supply Chain Management Specification and Contract Documents Contract Law Contractural Procedures Measurement and Tendering

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