What Constructing Equality have been getting up to in 2014.

Team Selfy

As the end of January nears we thought we would take a moment to tell you what we have been up to recently. As you may know the team has been rapidly expanding and we now have seven full time members of staff alongside four part-time assessors. Currently the members of our in-house team are: –

Chrissi McCarthy – Managing Director – Chrissi is our lead trainer, assessor, developer and researcher as well as the Owner and Managing Director of Constructing Equality Ltd. Chrissi additionally sits on key strategic boards and groups for industry and government that drive equality and diversity for construction and is often known as The Boss or The Talent.

Caroline Gee – Operations Manager – Caroline leads on the delivery of the CITB Be Fair Accreditation Framework Pilot , manages the support and assessor teams as well as the HR functions whilst delivering research and evaluation reports for clients. Caroline can be a little picky about spelling and grammar and has been named The Grand Vizier.

Matt Crouch – Training and Product Development Manager – Matt leads on the development of products, particularly training products like our online learning. Matt is also our social media guru and is currently to be known as The Prince in recognition of his lead role for all things PRINCE2 within the business.

Roy Stewart – Stakeholder Development Manager – Roy leads on the development of our client base and builds our understanding of our stakeholder network as well as their understanding of us. Roy is also an assessor for Be Fair, consults on the CCI Annual Awards and is gearing up to drive our social value research. Don’t tell him, but Roy is secretly known as The Godsend.

Patrick Hughes – Trainee Finance Manager – Patrick is currently studying for his HNC in Business and Finance and oversees our accounts alongside our Accountants as well as manages procurement processes and financial planning for the business in conjunction with the MD. Patrick is key support staff for Be Fair and PRINCE2 project management systems.

Paul Boothroyd – Trainee IT Manager – Paul is currently studying for his first degree in IT and Business whilst providing IT system support and development for the business. Paul works closely with key staff to cover newsletter, social media, online learning and website development and is also key support staff for Be Fair and PRINCE2 project management systems.

Peter Langley – Trainee Marketing Manager – Peter is currently studying for his Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration at the same time as generating client data, overseeing the monthly newsletter, revising website content and managing our brand alongside key staff. Like Patrick and Paul, Peter is also key support staff for Be Fair and PRINCE2 project management systems.
Peter, Paul and Patrick are known intermittently as The Three Ps, The P Amigos and The P Musketeers.

At present we are busy working on our online training, which we are looking to launch this spring; it is, of course, specific to the construction sector, and we have had some brilliant feedback so far. As the end of the CITB Be Fair Accreditation Framework Pilot draws near we have been compiling reports that will help companies understand how to make the next steps – we can’t spill too many beans at the moment, but it’s been brilliant to see how hard the different main and sub-contractors have worked. Finally, we have started work on a new project around social return on investment, so watch this space for updates on that in the coming months.

The newsletter and blog are continuing to provide people with the information you need with this neat little infographic showing how well the newsletter is doing. We are still trying to find new ways of helping you gain new information which will result in an overhaul of the monthly quiz and the start of a monthly Vlog.
Finally, Chrissi is still working on the PhD looking into mainstreaming equality in construction and for which we hope to have a presence again at this year’s ARCOM conference; with any luck (for this read ‘with a lot of hard work’) there will also be a published paper at some point this year.
If you want to find out more about the work that we do, please feel free to get in touch, we are always happy to help.