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Online Learning for Construction Launched

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Equality and diversity specialists for the construction industry Constructing Equality Ltd, will launch their first online training programmes aimed at enabling people in construction to learn more about the legal and business aspects of equality in the workplace as well as what they can do themselves to support fairness.

Market leaders in construction-specific face to face equality and diversity training already, Constructing Equality have felt the need for high quality, user-friendly and accessible training for everyone and what they have delivered are programmes at Introduction and Foundation levels for staff in construction businesses whether on site or in the office.

Constructing Equality’s dedicated online learning development manager, Matt Crouch said,

“It was important to us that we not only maintained our excellent track record for high quality innovative training but that it could reach everyone. The courses work through our Online Learning Management System that companies can have adapted to fit their own brand style and learners can access the courses from tablets and smart phones as well as laptops or their desk-tops.

“More importantly,” he went on to say, “Learners can work through the programmes in bite-size chunks if they struggle to find the time to complete a course all at once – it’s our job to make it as easy as possible for people to focus on their learning whenever and wherever they have the opportunity.”

Constructing Equality have sought consultation, opinion and feedback directly from the industry and end users of their online training throughout the development process with companies and organisations like Vinci, Seddons, Graham, CECA, CIC, Robertson, ISG, CITB and more all participating in successful tests of the course materials and the Learning Management System.

Constructing Equality Ltd will be hosting a full launch webinar on Thursday 3rd July at 12.30pm when they release the full Foundation course alongside the existing Introductory course.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the online learning or sampling the training can find out more at

Constructing Equality Ltd Delivers Training for Women Managers

On 5th March Constructing Equality Ltd delivered the second in the series of development sessions for WiBSE members focused on Leadership Development of Women in the Construction Industry.Case Study Five

Hosted by WiBSE at ARUP’s St James Place Offices in Manchester, the evening brought together women from organisations across both the building services engineering and broader construction sectors to undertake some personal development and networking aimed at supporting them in transitioning their skills into leadership roles at the right point within their career paths. The March session focused on helping the attendees to focus on how they should be promoting themselves to their advantage within their workplace and key “light-bulb” moments centred around the negative self-speak that women can tend to adopt in the workplace as they strive for perfection and sabotage their own achievements in the face of their counterparts, managers and clients by being their own biggest critics.

The delegates left the session galvanised to be SMART about their achievements, and how and when they should take the opportunity to use their achievements to illustrate their value to their colleagues, managers and clients with a 100% satisfaction rating from delegates for both the content and the improvement in their understanding.

The remaining development sessions, planned over the coming months with Constructing Equality Ltd are planned to continue with the next event scheduled for 30th April 2014 – anyone interested in finding out more, or attending the April session, should contact Laura Dunlop at WiBSE via

Best practice for supporting women in construction roles

ISG approached Constructing Equality Ltd to develop a two-day course to support female managers in develCase Study Threeoping an understanding of how they are perceived by, and relate to, others in the workplace. The programme was designed to look at how they could strengthen their positions and increase their effectiveness as managers, as well as become future leaders in the business.

Initially ISG felt that its female managers were robust enough and comfortable in their positions so was unsure as to how the course would be received. However they were inundated with positive feedback from course attendees and a number of women across the business have since expressed their interest in attending any future courses.

Aims –

To develop an understanding of workplace perception within female managers.

To increase confidence and effectiveness within female managers to aspire to be future leaders in business.

To help individuals recognise and overcome potential barriers so that they can develop and excel as leaders.

Approach –     

Designed specifically to meet the demands of life in construction as a woman, the course covered the essentials of leadership, progression and communication using examples, systems and experiences that enabled participants to apply their understanding to their own personal roles and achieve their ambitions.

Outcome –

ISG acknowledged that helping female managers to understand more about how they relate to their workplace and how their workplace relates to them would increase effectiveness in their roles and their commitment to the organisation; improving motivation, morale and, ultimately, productivity. They also recognised that there was a very strong need and desire for this type of training when they saw the strength of the feedback, as well as the take-up.

Testimonial –

The women who attended the two-day programme were unanimous in their resoundingly positive response to the course and the empowerment they felt following their experiences:

“I think this course was excellent, it really opened my eyes to opportunities as well as potential obstacles. It should be given a wider roll out”

“Made me reflect on my current position and think about my future and how I can get there through behavioural changes and confidence building”

“The whole course was very informative, lots to take away and digest”

“I now understand that my actions may not necessarily be perceived in the way I intend, but I now I have the tools to remedy this”

Taylor Wimpey Logistics

Taylor Wimpey identified a business need within their workforce for improving the awareness of Respect in the Workplace.

By commissioning workshops from Constructing Equality Ltd. that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace with a look at relevant legislation they were able to offer staff and managers a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to learn.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics have a strong belief that people work most efficiently and effectively when they understand boundaries, work in a happy and positive environment and enjoy the company of the people they work with.

However, they identified that they needed to improve the awareness of Respect in their workplace. So, they commissioned workshops that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace, with reviews on current legislation.

Over two days, more than 45 staff and managers completed these tailored half-day workshops. It was a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to approach the subject, and the Managers developed action plans that they could implement immediately.

Why you should love a construction hero #loveconstruction #Constructionheroes

At Constructing Equality Ltd we hope over the years we have made a couple of things very clear: – the first is that we love building things and the second is that we love the people that build them; well the majority of them at least.   This is why we particularly like a couple of campaigns that are being run through the construction industry press this month.LoveCon-logo-plain

They are the Construction News’s #loveconstruction campaign which encourages people to tell the world or at least the twitterverse why they love the construction industry; and Buildings #constructionheroes which asks for you (and yes, I do mean you!) to vote for someone you see as a hero of the sector. That person could be: – a site manager ensuring that all staff have a good experience in the workplace, a labourer that goes above and beyond, or even a manager or chief exec who you feel is driving forward real change in our industry.

This week, our blog has been written for one reason – to ask you to vote, re-tweet, email, “like”, or comment below on these two campaigns or even ask the nice people at Construction News for a Love Construction Logo in your very own company colours (they responded and had ours created in an hour). It’s something that will take a few seconds, but the overall impact of even half of the 2,300,000 people working in the sector responding will be significant; hopefully significant enough for people to pay attention to the construction industry in a positive light.

The reason this campaign is so important is the image of construction is not currently held in high regard with blacklisting, false self-employment, pay freezes and long working hours being just some of the terms associated with the sector right now.   Consequently it can be hard for people outside the industry to understand why it is that any of us get out of bed every morning, let alone have real passion and drive for our jobs. Whilst our everyday business at Constructing Equality Ltd is trying to improve the way people are treated in the Built Environment, and we recognise that things could be a lot better, we also strongly believe as a sector we have a few things that are hard for other industries to rival and countless people that are amazing even in the face of adversity. So as we work on getting the approach to people right, it’s important that you, the people so to speak, work on getting the approach to industry right. People think we are a sector of cowboy builders because we don’t tell them any different. When a building is built well it’s the Architect’s name that gets known – it is only when a building runs into difficultly that we get to hear the name of the contractor, let’s try and change that.

By supporting these campaigns there is a chance that we can catch the eye of the national press and help those that don’t work in construction understand why we love the work that we do, and the brilliance of the people that do it. I’m personally fed up of people working an average of 60+ hours, in a dangerous sector with too little time and not enough money who still achieve the targets imposed yet turn around and tell me “I’m just a builder – it’s what we do”. As much as it might be what we do, having spent a decade in the sector, predominantly on-site, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do it.

So – money where my mouth is…

#loveconstruction Because you get to build magnificent things far beyond the ability of one person alone

#constructionheros John Fowler of Vinci – one of the best site managers I ever worked under who supported me above and beyond and made work a joy!


The links are here #LoveConstruction #ConstructionHeroes– you can comment below and please do, because if we don’t start giving people a reason to come into the sector, we will have a major skills shortage on our hands and make no mistake it will be you who has to carry the load.

Constructing Equality Ltd. Newsletter survey feedback…

At Constructing Equality Ltd. we are always on the look-out to improve our business and services, as well as the news that we deliver in our monthly newsletter and weekly blogs.

Sponsored by CITB, the newsletter now has over 6,000 subscribers, and is the leading source of trusted information on diversity and equality in construction. It is a simple way to keep abreast of the latest news and articles, as well as current trends and best practice within the
sector. In turn, its aim is to provide our readers with lots of links to useful sites and stories, and we also include job opportunities from around the sector.

We recently asked our readers and subscribers to participate in a short survey that would enable improve the newsletter and feature more of the stories and articles that are relevant to our readers.
To begin with we asked participants to give their opinion on what they thought of the newsletter content in general:

‘’The newsletter has greatly improved with the redesign, however it could be improved further by shortening the articles and giving readers a “read more” option – there is so much great content but it can look overwhelming at first glance.’’ – Anonymous. 

This is a very positive response; 96% of participants were happy with the general content of the newsletter. The 4% that selected ‘other’ simply expressed their opinion towards the presentation of the newsletter; an issue that is being dealt with currently with the design team and the host website.

Participants were then asked to be more specific in what they like to see in the newsletter, the following results were found:
The most popular sources of information are news, case studies and best practice examples. As a result of this we have identified a need to increase the amount of best practice case studies that are featured in the newsletter each month. We are now taking a more proactive approach to ensure that at least two industry best practice articles are included in every newsletter.
As part of this process we try and cover a wide range of case studies from a vast array of different organisations within the sector. It is for this reason that we encourage organisations and individuals to send in case studies that they feel will be of benefit to the industry and the reader alike.
One important issue that we are currently working towards a remedy for is the format of the newsletter. As some people may know, Constructing Equality Ltd. went through a re-branding later last year and as part of that re-branding we also changed the layout and design of the newsletter. Although we have had some technical difficulties the overall feedback of this has been very positive.
The additional comments around length of articles will be addressed in the next newsletter by shortening the length of articles and including a ‘read more’ option as suggested. It has also been agreed that articles will generally be around 250 – 300 words in length and must not exceed 400 words.
In addition to providing the industry with construction specific equality and diversity news, resources and opportunities, one of the reasons the newsletter is created every month is to provide people and organisations with beneficial sources of information that they may not know about previously; this can range from providing people with job opportunities to making organisations aware of funding prospects.
To better understand what resources people consider to be the most beneficial, we asked participants to select how they feel the newsletter benefits them:
As part of the newsletter we have a monthly quiz that allows readers to answer three short questions that are topical to the newsletter articles of that month. The quiz also offers participants a chance of winning a £20 high street voucher. Just like the newsletter itself we understand the need to continually improve the quiz, one way in which we intend do this is by improving the content quality.
Those that answered ‘no’ provided responses that generally followed a pattern of wanting the quiz to count towards some form of continual professional development (CPD). This is something we are taking very seriously and currently we are in talks with various institutes to see how we can improve the quality and value of the quiz questions so that they prompt research and investigation by the reader but also provide a degree of CPD. We aim to have this firmly in place by September 2013. If you would like us to get in touch with your institute to include the quiz as CPD then please contact Kyle.
Overall we are very happy with the feedback and positive responses we received around the newsletter and would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every person that took the time to fill out the survey; all feedback received is taken very seriously and used to develop our services further.
If you disagree with the changes we are making or would like to add your own feedback the survey is still open via Survey Monkey. Alternatively you can emailKyle with any feedback you feel that will improve this resource.