Age is no limit for training at Durkan

DurkanLogo_124810Bronze Level Be Fair accredited Durkan are working hard to prove that age need not be any barrier to retraining in the construction trades.

Durkan work closely with training partner Construction Training Initiative (CTI) to deliver accredited training opportunities to residents in some of the most diverse communities in the UK.

CTI are the training arm of social housing group Notting Hill Housing and share Durkan’s equality and diversity values and objectives. The partnership uses positive action recruitment strategies, focusing on recognising potential and removing barriers to inclusion.

A prime example of how this approach can achieve success is demonstrated by the case of Porsche Nelson. At 49 years of age Porsche approached CTI at an outreach opportunities event in Merton South West London.

Unemployed for some time, Porsche not only was desperate to work, but he wanted to gain the skills that would get him a good position with job satisfaction and a decent wage. Impressed by Porsche’s enthusiasm and commitment CTI secured him an accredited apprenticeship as a carpenter and placed him with Durkan for his site experience.

Porsche has come through his apprenticeship with flying colours and in July 2014 achieved his career goal by being taken on as a permanent employee by his current mentoring sub-contractor Woodpecker Carpentry.  Well done Porsche!