Women making news in construction


Tomorrow is international women’s day which means that this week there has been a flurry of events to mark the occasion.  We spent Wednesday with Ester Mcvey and friends at the institute of directors a fantastic event which gave us the opportunity to talk to the inspirational and passionate Kath More of the women in construction programme and the apprentice she brought along Ray who gave an excellent talk even though in was her first time in front of such a crowd.  Also impressive was Val Lowman of Be On site who brought along a recently promoted sustainability manager who bravely talked about how she had overcome adversity to not just gain a place but establish herself within lend lease

Also quite topically it was excellent to see construction news cover the topic so comprehensively in last week’s feature. We felt that the article was an excellent introduction to the challenges faced by the sector and we were particularly taken by the way the author wove together the story using different people’s experiences and advice. Alongside the article was a case study from the ever knowledgeable Kate Lloyd Equality and Diversity manager at CITB and of course we popped up to offer some advice for companies looking to progress the fairness inclusion and respect agenda.

We are also looking forward to next week’s women in construction booklet launch and hope that all this work will be a catalyst for well thought out programmes of work in this area to make sure that we don’t just recruit in but develop and promote the fantastic women we already have working in the sector.