Gentoo Group supports Sunderland Pride 2014

Gentoo Group was proud to support Sunderland Pride 2014 at the weekend.



Thousands of people turned Sunderland city centre into a carnival of colour as the annual Pride event returned.

This year, Gentoo was named as Stonewall’s 2014’s top gay-friendly employer in their annual Workplace Equality Index which showcases Britain’s best employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual staff.

Peter Walls, chief executive of Gentoo Group said: “Of course we wanted to make sure we were part of this weekend’s Sunderland Pride. Our vision is to improve the Art of Living for our customers and our staff and as such we were extremely proud to have achieved first place in this year’s Stonewall Work Equality Index 2014. This has never just been a badge of honour for us – it is part of who we are and what we do every day. And what better way to show this by being involved in Sunderland Pride 2014”

Pride chairman Ryan Houston says that it could be the final year the festival is held in Park Lane, Sunderland because of its growing size.

“We’re looking at doing it somewhere else next year, so if this is to be the last time it’s in Park Lane, then it’s a fantastic way to say bye,” said Ryan.

“There’s a real mix of music with pop, indie bands and drag queen performers so it’s very varied and that’s why so many people have turned out.”

Gentoo Group’s whole ethos is about believing nothing is impossible and finding new ways to challenge conventions, Gentoo aims to make society a better place to live and to make a real difference to the way people live their life. To find out more about Gentoo, follow @gentoogroup on Twitter.

First Published on Gentoo Groups Website