Why you should love a construction hero #loveconstruction #Constructionheroes

At Constructing Equality Ltd we hope over the years we have made a couple of things very clear: – the first is that we love building things and the second is that we love the people that build them; well the majority of them at least.   This is why we particularly like a couple of campaigns that are being run through the construction industry press this month.LoveCon-logo-plain

They are the Construction News’s #loveconstruction campaign which encourages people to tell the world or at least the twitterverse why they love the construction industry; and Buildings #constructionheroes which asks for you (and yes, I do mean you!) to vote for someone you see as a hero of the sector. That person could be: – a site manager ensuring that all staff have a good experience in the workplace, a labourer that goes above and beyond, or even a manager or chief exec who you feel is driving forward real change in our industry.

This week, our blog has been written for one reason – to ask you to vote, re-tweet, email, “like”, or comment below on these two campaigns or even ask the nice people at Construction News for a Love Construction Logo in your very own company colours (they responded and had ours created in an hour). It’s something that will take a few seconds, but the overall impact of even half of the 2,300,000 people working in the sector responding will be significant; hopefully significant enough for people to pay attention to the construction industry in a positive light.

The reason this campaign is so important is the image of construction is not currently held in high regard with blacklisting, false self-employment, pay freezes and long working hours being just some of the terms associated with the sector right now.   Consequently it can be hard for people outside the industry to understand why it is that any of us get out of bed every morning, let alone have real passion and drive for our jobs. Whilst our everyday business at Constructing Equality Ltd is trying to improve the way people are treated in the Built Environment, and we recognise that things could be a lot better, we also strongly believe as a sector we have a few things that are hard for other industries to rival and countless people that are amazing even in the face of adversity. So as we work on getting the approach to people right, it’s important that you, the people so to speak, work on getting the approach to industry right. People think we are a sector of cowboy builders because we don’t tell them any different. When a building is built well it’s the Architect’s name that gets known – it is only when a building runs into difficultly that we get to hear the name of the contractor, let’s try and change that.

By supporting these campaigns there is a chance that we can catch the eye of the national press and help those that don’t work in construction understand why we love the work that we do, and the brilliance of the people that do it. I’m personally fed up of people working an average of 60+ hours, in a dangerous sector with too little time and not enough money who still achieve the targets imposed yet turn around and tell me “I’m just a builder – it’s what we do”. As much as it might be what we do, having spent a decade in the sector, predominantly on-site, that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do it.

So – money where my mouth is…

#loveconstruction Because you get to build magnificent things far beyond the ability of one person alone

#constructionheros John Fowler of Vinci – one of the best site managers I ever worked under who supported me above and beyond and made work a joy!


The links are here #LoveConstruction #ConstructionHeroes– you can comment below and please do, because if we don’t start giving people a reason to come into the sector, we will have a major skills shortage on our hands and make no mistake it will be you who has to carry the load.