Re-Thinking Online Equality Training – 5 Reasons why it could be for you and your company

Published: 7.11.2015


Now, I know what you might be thinking – Online Training has not always lived up to the dream it promised; so often being dry, over cautious and even ill-informed. We are hoping to change that by providing training that will not only engage the audience but help them see the value of learning in this style. With six large main contractor organisations having tested our training earlier this year, below are 5 reasons why you should re-think Online Training as a solution to your Equality Training needs:-

  1. We know our stuff, both practically and academically. By that we mean we really do know what we are talking about and not just on equality either. Our team houses experts in equality and construction, as well as teaching and online learning. In fact, the wealth of knowledge that went into the Training is as follows:-
  • 15+ years practical Construction Industry experience
  • 15+ years Teaching experience
  • 7+ years Equality and Diversity Practitioner experience
  • Postgraduate qualifications in Construction Management, Equality and Teaching
  • In-house expertise in Online Training

“The course is construction specific, which makes it relevant” Shepherd Construction

  1. We think Training should be enjoyable. We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can teach people things in a way that keeps them engaged and helps them relate to the subject. Our Training hosts a mix of videos, tasks, audio and visual stimuli to cater for a range of learning styles and needs. We also test using a range of methods so that you can see how your staff members are progressing.

“The interactive aspects are good” BAM Construct UK Ltd

  1. We know what’s important. Whilst the law is important to know, we think that people are more likely to buy into an ‘equality’ agenda if they can understand why it’s important to them. Hence, our courses are not only written by people who have worked in the construction industry, but they also look at the benefits for the individual, the business and the Construction Sector as a whole. This approach helps people understand why this is important for them and how they can progress this work within their roles.

“Raised important issues” Seddon Construction

  1. We know that your time is valuable. Our training modules are broken down into blocks lasting 15mins. There are tests to be completed at the end which complement the learning experience. There are currently two courses available, one which lasts for a total of one hour, and one that goes further, taking three hours to complete. This way you can pick the course that suits your company’s needs.

“Excellent pace” Robertson Construction

  1. We consider your budget. The training is designed so that you / your company can claim grants through the CITB Grant Scheme, if you are eligible. We also provide a discount for those companies who enrol their staff on our courses at the same time as registering with us for the CITB Be Fair Framework.

“Keeps audience participation high” The Miller Group (Miller Construction)

To find out more about our courses, or to enrol your staff as learners, contact us in any of the following ways:

Online equality training can help you meet both organisational and procurement requirements.

Patrick Hughes - Business Admin Apprentice

Round-up of 2013/2014 (last 12 months) and how CEq is doing

Patrick Hughes - Business Admin ApprenticeMy name is Patrick Hughes and I am the Finance Trainee at Constructing Equality Ltd. Within the company we are all allowed a chance to write a blog on something that is relevant to our business. This gives Chrissi a break from writing the blog every week so I hope you find this interesting. As it was my turn to write the blog I thought I would give an insight on how I feel the company has been doing the last twelve months. It is now coming up to my second year anniversary at the business so I thought I would share my insight of how the business has impacted me.

It is has been a very successful year for Constructing Equality Ltd – we have finished delivering the pilot stage of CITB’s Be Fair Framework and we are now the first licensed provider for the launched Framework.

We have also had plenty of achievements within the business this year as both of the company’s trainees (Paul and I) have passed our first years at Higher education, myself for my HNC and Paul for his degree; these are achievements that both we and Constructing Equality Ltd are very proud of. Constructing Equality Ltd has always believed in developing our staff and offering them every chance they need to further their development as we grow our own talent for our future.

Constructing Equality Ltd are now looking forward to the growth and establishment of our new product line of Online Learning as it is picked up by the industry – we have been able to offer them another industry first as we specialise in Equality and Diversity as well as Construction so our Online Learning is specific, relevant and relatable. From my own personal experience of testing it throughout its development, I found it useful, informative and fun; something I thought equality and diversity could not be.

Our aim as a company is to make change within the industry and by having Online Learning products that will give employers and employees the knowledge that they need around Equality and Diversity, alongside CITB’s Be Fair Framework, in ways that understand their businesses and their industry, this aim seems more and more likely to be realised. 

Whilst developing the industry specific Online Learning we have also been busy delivering face to face learning to companies all over the country.  This has varied from ‘Women in Construction’ to ‘Professionalism in the Workplace’ for companies including ISG, Taylor Wimpey and Derbyshire County Council.  All had positive responses that the work we do is valuable, supports their development, is worthwhile and indicated that others should have the benefit too. One of my favourite feedback comments from employee delegate was: “This has been the most enjoyable, informative course I have ever experienced and it has opened my eyes regarding other people”

We have recently attended Liverpool Pride 2014; here we were able to represent the Construction Industry with such companies and organisations as ISG, Morgan Sindall, Aecom, Space Architects and CITB. It was a fantastic day where everyone was able to engage with people and demonstrate support for the LGBT community by the construction industry.

The year has been very eventful and fulfilling – we are excited for what comes next and all the new exciting challenges we face to make such a powerful industry into a fair and equal place of work; it is a challenge we are relishing and we are hoping for the perfect outcome.

It is nice to know that the work you do actually helps other people and could potentially make them enjoy their work more.

Constructing Equality Ltd: Press Release – Online Learning

Online Learning for Construction Launched

Moodle screenshot

Equality and diversity specialists for the construction industry Constructing Equality Ltd, will launch their first online training programmes aimed at enabling people in construction to learn more about the legal and business aspects of equality in the workplace as well as what they can do themselves to support fairness.

Market leaders in construction-specific face to face equality and diversity training already, Constructing Equality have felt the need for high quality, user-friendly and accessible training for everyone and what they have delivered are programmes at Introduction and Foundation levels for staff in construction businesses whether on site or in the office.

Constructing Equality’s dedicated online learning development manager, Matt Crouch said,

“It was important to us that we not only maintained our excellent track record for high quality innovative training but that it could reach everyone. The courses work through our Online Learning Management System that companies can have adapted to fit their own brand style and learners can access the courses from tablets and smart phones as well as laptops or their desk-tops.

“More importantly,” he went on to say, “Learners can work through the programmes in bite-size chunks if they struggle to find the time to complete a course all at once – it’s our job to make it as easy as possible for people to focus on their learning whenever and wherever they have the opportunity.”

Constructing Equality have sought consultation, opinion and feedback directly from the industry and end users of their online training throughout the development process with companies and organisations like Vinci, Seddons, Graham, CECA, CIC, Robertson, ISG, CITB and more all participating in successful tests of the course materials and the Learning Management System.

Constructing Equality Ltd will be hosting a full launch webinar on Thursday 3rd July at 12.30pm when they release the full Foundation course alongside the existing Introductory course.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the online learning or sampling the training can find out more at

Online Learning Management System

Now that Constructing Equality Ltd have officially launched their one hour – Introduction to Equality & Diversity in the UK Construction Industry online learning course, which has been tested and reviewed by the industry. We want to give you a sneak peek into our Online Learning Management System as we highlight the benefits it can bring for you.

Blog Picture (1) PB 23.06.2014

We want to ensure that all our audiences have suitable accessibility to our Online Learning Management system – this has been achieved by reducing limitations that other systems bring to users such as being unable to access your course when your workplace is not always at your desk or in the same place which means it can take a long time to be able to complete your online programme. By making our courses available through other devices such as tablets and mobile devices you can access your learning programme wherever you are and whenever convenient.

Making our content informative and engaging was vital when designing our online course, using Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) Packages. SCORM packages are supported by all Learning Management Systems and allowed us to create game packages that deliver the important learning outcomes of the course in a fun, engaging and interactive way.  We have made gaining a greater understanding around Equality and Diversity and the benefits this brings to your business fun for our learners as well as educational. 

One common issue which was highlighted within our research and feedback was that finding information and case studies on search engines can be somewhat of an annoyance and even I myself understand the pain of swarming through the internet trying to find that needle within the haystack. This is why we focused on making our LMS as user-friendly as possible. We make all our information and supporting documents, such as Wikis, FAQs and glossaries easy to find at just a click of a button. 

Q – Online Training or Training Workshops which is better?

This question is asked frequently and the answer isn’t so simple, but what we do know is that when participating in courses students love the debates, discussions and interaction between themselves and tutors. This has encouraged us to make our Online Learning Management system as engaging as possible – our Online Learning Manager, Matt Crouch, has been seeking new ways to help create rapport between student tutor relationships. By focusing on the interaction of discussion boards and creating debates which give students the learning environment structure similar to classrooms it allows the audience to get the most out of their experiences.

Q – How can I make our training courses unique to our company?

This is why we made our courses flexible allowing them to be appropriate to companies’ requirements; our presentations on the Online Learning Management System can also be made to conform to company branding guidelines to enable them to fit in with any other training from other providers. Additionally videos, documents, policies, etc. relevant to a particular company can be incorporated, if desired. This can give the Online Learning Course a unique look suitable for your company.

This weeks blog was written by Paul Boothroyd our IT Trainee and Business Administrator who has currently been working on Designing and Developing Constructing Equality’s Online Learning Management System.

For more information please feel free to read the product brochure below

Introduction to Equality & Diversity Course – 1 hour (opens as pdf)

Foundation Equality & Diversity Course (opens as pdf)

If you would like to trial the Online Learning please visit the following page and fill out the registration form here