Don’t Get Distracted

Maya Angelou

In the same week that Maya Angelou, world-renowned and respected writer, poet and civil activist – “…a warrior for equality, tolerance and peace”, died at her home in North Carolina we are worrying through the media about how despite Scotland  being more ethnically diverse (2011 Census) than ever, the proportion of Britons admitting to being racially prejudiced is increasing.


As a contemporary and colleague of key figures striving for people’s civil rights like Malcom X and Dr Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou has been central to some monumental moments in history in the fight for fairness, tolerance, respect and equality.


Maya Angelou taught us all so much about women’s rights too and about humanity in general – she gave us so many lessons to learn that it would behove us to try to live up to her legacy rather be waylaid by an apparent avalanche of backsliding on the journey towards equality that seems to be hanging over us.