Taylor Wimpey Logistics Case Study


Taylor Wimpey Logistics, based in Suffolk, identified a business need within their workforce for improving the awareness of Respect in the Workplace.  Having acknowledged that some challenging behaviours were developing they were keen to improve the workplace experiences of everyone.

By commissioning workshops from Constructing Equality Ltd. that integrated open discussions on subjects like language, banter and power in the workplace with a look at relevant legislation they were able to offer staff and managers a fun, non-confrontational and constructive way to learn.

Taylor Wimpey Logistics have a strong belief that people work most efficiently and effectively when they understand boundaries, work in a happy and positive environment and enjoy the company of the people they work with. For this reason they approached Constructing Equality Ltd. to develop a programme that would take an open, honest and frank approach to discussions; that would dispel some myths about equality and diversity training being boring, dry and scaremongering with all the associated legislation.


  •        To understand the support needed to increase professionalism.
  •        To understand factors that affects professionalism and look at how to overcome them.
  •        Improvement of the relationship with site/sales.
  •        Work towards an “us” mentality.
  •        Consider how to use banter appropriately in the workplace.


The training session was initiated by capturing what professionalism means to the company; highlighting successes but also areas that could be improved, individually and as a team. The workshop then explored various other ‘problem areas’ that may affect relationships within the workplace; keeping a continual balance between activities and presentation at all times to ensure the focus of the group is maintained with audience participation encouraged.

Over a two day period more than 45 staff and managers undertook in-house, tailored half-day workshops resulting in managers taking away action plans they had developed themselves that they could implement immediately.


‘’Everything went well with the workshop; very interesting. Highly recommended for every workplace.’’ – Natalia Medala, Customer Service, Taylor Wimpey Logistics, October 2012.

‘’Having mixed groups (warehouse, office and management) worked well. The interactive sessions got everyone talking and engaged, Constructing Equality Ltd helped create an environment where people felt they could be open and honest.’’  Caroline Boothroyd, HR Manager, Taylor Wimpey Logistics, October 2012.