Why a thank you from a client can make a bad week good



thank you languagesWe are very lucky here at Constructing Equality Ltd that we often get people commenting positively on our work – this is something that means a lot, as whilst we all believe in what we are doing, sometimes after a long week travelling the length and breadth of the country, being lost in paperwork or overrun with meetings, the real reason behind why we do it can get a bit lost. So when we turn on our emails to receive a letter like the one below from a small sub-contractor talking in honest terms about how the work we are doing has helped them as a small company, it starts to all make sense again.

So, a big thank you to all of the companies and individuals who have supported both Constructing Equality Ltd and the CITB Be Fair Accreditation Framework so far. Not only does it mean a lot to us as individuals in an organisation, but it helps us back up our claims that the industry can make a positive change to the way it treats people on its own – it just needed a bit of guidance and common ground.

“I just wanted to spare some time at the end of the day, because it is not often we get really nice news: –

Introducing the framework to the staff was a really valuable experience for all.  With the office staff, our oldest member of staff got to share his years of experience of the industry, how he felt about it, what had changed and what still bothered him. He gave the office staff who are younger a real insight into what it can be like to work on site. This gave them a better understanding of our site staff.

The site staff I spoke to today also really opened up about how they felt about the sector and especially site work. They said they felt really respected and valued by us, but often on site the contractor’s staff  and others are patronising, rude and don’t seem to have the same pride in their role. They said it was difficult to have to work with grumpy unhappy people. I felt really honoured that they trusted me to open up – also a bit sad and angry they come across these things that are very difficult for me to control. I was also rather touched because they said our belief, respect and value of them carried them through.  In their words, they have proper jobs and conditions and felt like proper people and part of a team – they love to come home to the office. (: They feel like equals here.

They did not think any framework would change things overnight, but they offered their support for it as something that should be done and it was good to try. They also offered some concerns over some practices they have come across, which I now must find a positive way to address.” Liz Rickard Highwire Ltd


As Liz further said in a few short paragraphs – 1000 reasons why this is important, and why all the hard work is worthwhile.

Many Thanks

Chrissi, Caroline, Sanjay, Matt, Patrick, Peter, Paul and all of our assessors.

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