Basic Equality and Diversity

Diversity, equality and inclusion workshops

We provide a number of short workshops that can have an immediate impact in terms of your people’s knowledge, understanding and behaviour.

Tailored to different levels of responsibility, individual workshops tackle particular topics. However, we can also develop workshops to fulfil a particular need. To get the most from them, we recommending setting one or two days aside for each workshop as stated. But we can adapt them for smaller timeframes if you wish. Click on a workshop to learn more.

For all staff – one day

Professionalism in the workplace

Raising awareness of equality and diversity at work

Inclusivity in the workplace

For Managers – one day

Managing diversity

For HR & Directors – one day

Performing equality impact assessments

Creating effective diversity strategies

Embedding diversity

Implementing positive action

Promoting diversity

For minority groups – one/two days

Management and leadership in the built environment

Being effective in the workplace

Your impact on the workplace

Managing as a minority

Leadership in construction

For the Board

Balanced Board leadership