What do women have to gain by going into the construction industry instead of another industry that is already accommodating to her needs?

Quite a lot actually,

Firstly the pay is higher. As we mentioned before, the jobs dominated by women are the lowest paid but those in more male-dominated sectors come with a higher financial reward. It‘s not without risk, as we mentioned in one of our earlier posts, but from a salary perspective there is a lot to be gained.

Second, is the opportunity to progress; there are still options to climb through the ranks with day-release, apprenticeship and academic routes available. Whilst the recession is off-putting to those entering university now, they should be coming out of university just as the industry recovers, which means a good chance that they will secure a role.

Individuality; being able to do something you enjoy is an important factor when making decisions for your life. I tried other gender-traditional roles before construction but none of them gave me the sense of fulfillment that this industry has. Being able to work in a role that you enjoy is a priceless and rewarding experience and should not be undervalued. That being said make sure you are prepared for what you might encounter, plan your career and make sure your employers know about it and are on board to help you achieve your ambitions.

I strongly believe that employers do want to help foster and grow their female talent; they are just not always sure of the right way to go about it. So, ask questions, seek advice, form networks, plan your career, seek out appropriate training and form networks (not a typo, it really is that important).

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