Women help drive forward new business in ‘male world’ of maintenance

This article published by by 24dash.com for Knowsley Housing Trust and can accessed in full by clicking the 24dash.com link.

A duo of women managers who are helping to drive forward a new commercial repairs and maintenance company say others should consider careers in the industry.

Jo Whittingham and Kelly McConville work for Vivark in Merseyside, the newly launched commercial arm of The First Ark Group, and they say the pJo Whittingham and Kelly McConvilleerception of the industry as not welcoming for women is not always the case.

“The industry is primarily dominated by males but there is plenty of room for women,” said Jo.

“It is still primarily a male dominated sector, especially within the workforce, but has seen massive change over the years. If you’re passionate about it then go for it, it’s a fast paced and exciting industry to work in.”

Jo and Kelly have recently transferred to Vivark from other areas of the Group and are helping to develop the new enterprise.

Part of the First Ark group which also includes Knowsley Housing Trust, Vivark will provide repairs and maintenance to public and private markets across the North West, with a strong focus on social responsibility.