Workplace mentoring scheme for students at NW Universities

The Construction Industry Council, CITB-ConstructionSkills and Higher Education Academy are aiming to pilot a workplace mentoring scheme for students in northwest England from January next year. A consortium of universities1 have engaged in the scheme with the aim of matching students with professionals who have been successful in the construction industry.

We are now looking for professionals in employment in the construction industry to act as mentors. Mentors will need to have had at least two years’ experience working in the construction industry in a graduate level role or similar. They must also be willing to meet with one or more students and share their experiences of working in the industry with them over the period of about 6 months.

Aled Williams, CIC regional chair, said: “Having people who are prepared to act as mentors provides a great opportunity for a student and has the potential to make the difficult transition from study to work both easier and more successful.”

Employers interested in joining the scheme should contact:
Aled Williams (07720 968847) or Roy Cavanagh MBE (07803 022767)

We would be happy to have an informal discussion and if you are an interested employer we would be grateful if you could indicate:

  • A link person
  • Number of mentors that you are able to deploy
  • Contact details of link person / mentor

Employer Overview: What will it mean for me and my staff?

What is it?

We are running a pilot programme where employees working in the construction industry will mentor an individual or small group of students from participating universities who are normally in their second year of studying a Built Environment Degree.

What will be the (minimum) commitment for my staff?

At least one meeting between January and July 2013 between the employer mentor and the student. This will be face to face at employer premises in work time.

Will there be any other commitment?

We will offer a short training session for mentors at the beginning of the programme (venue to be decided). If mentors cannot attend this we will provide a toolkit on mentoring skills which mentors can refer to. We will also hold a launch meeting/training session for the programme in January and a review meeting in July to which mentors will be invited.

What will it cost my organisation?

There will be no cost other than the time of the employee to take part in the meeting.

What is the rationale for this engagement?

It will benefit the student by helping them to link the theory of their university course to real workplace practice. It will also help them to prepare for joining the workforce by exposing them to people who are currently working in the roles they aspire to. It may also benefit mentors by providing the opportunity to reflect on their own work, meet people from other companies who are acting as mentors and gain CPD in mentoring.

How will mentors know what to do?

Mentors will have a toolkit giving advice on how to mentor students and we offer specific advice by phone or email if necessary.